Disclosure & Editorial Policy | The Travel Journo

This page is here to explain how I run The Travel Journo website and to outline my editorial policy and ethics. I reserve the right to review or change any part of this disclosure and editorial policy at any given time.


I am a trained journalist and it is very important for me to always retain transparency with my readers, across any work I publish. For that reason, I will always disclose if a trip, hotel stay, or experience has been comped at the bottom of a blog post. (If you do not see this disclaimer, it means I have covered the cost myself). Many of the travel experiences you read about on this blog are hosted or comped trips, with some self-funded elements. This enables me to maintain freedom in what I write about and hone my travel experiences so that they are authentic and suited to what I enjoy.

When a trip, meal or experience has been comped, you can guarantee that I will write about it in a fair and honest way. This means I will not provide positive coverage if I do not feel it is deserved. To retain my reputation as a trusted reviewer, I always aim for my reviews to be balanced and will provide negative feedback if I feel it is necessary. However, I reserve the right to not provide coverage after an experience if I do not feel it is worth sharing with my readers.

Similarly, if I have been paid to write about a meal, trip or travel experience, I will always disclose this and will not run the piece if I don’t feel that it is worthy of coverage. I endeavour to inspire readers with experiences that I feel they would genuinely enjoy, in a fair and honest way.

Sponsored posts

If I have received editorial direction for content and received payment for this, I will mark the content as a sponsored postor in association with. I only work with brands or companies that I feel are a good fit for the website, however I do not accept any responsibility for any negative experience that any reader of The Travel Journo happens to have with brands or third parties that I have collaborated with in this way. Similarly, I will not be associated with, and do not represent or endorse, the opinions or conduct of aforementioned third parties.

Products & samples

I am happy to receive product samples from PRs and external brands; however, this does not mean that I will automatically offer coverage on the site. If I have accepted the sample, I reserve the right not to post a review. Similarly, if you choose to send me a product and I do not provide coverage, I do not accept any responsibility for returning the product to the sender.

Affiliate Links

Occasionally, you will see links on The Travel Journo which lead readers to products or services which I would like to recommend. If this is an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission if readers click the link and complete the booking or sale. There is no extra charge to the user for doing this.


I take pride in delivering blog posts that are informative, accurate and thoroughly researched and I aim to keep all content on this website up to date. However, due to the volume of posts, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all website content at all times.


Any personal details or contact information provided via The Travel Journo or by subscribing to the site will be kept private and will not be passed onto any third parties.


I will not be associated with, and do not represent or endorse, the opinions or conduct of anyone who leaves a comment on this website. Similarly, I reserve the right to remove or edit any comments from this site which I feel are defamatory, inappropriate or irrelevant to the post content.

Content, photography & copyright

The Travel Journo is written and produced by journalist and travel writer Lucy McGuire with a few exceptions where content has been accepted from external writers or we have collaborated with external companies and brands. Previous posts may also feature images provided by external PR companies or stock images from external websites. If this is the case, all images will be credited where necessary.

I (Lucy McGuire) am the legal copyright holder of all website content (words, photography and multimedia) on The Travel Journo and it may not be used, reprinted, reproduced or modified without my consent. If you are interested in syndicating content, please contact Lucy_McGuire@hotmail.co.uk. A link to The Travel Journo website and payment may be required.