Piece for Weather2Travel | Introducing Negril, Jamaica

Many first time visitors to Jamaica opt for the popular resorts towns of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, but have you considered Negril?

Negril is the fun, free-spirited ‘sunset Mecca’ on the west coast of Jamaica. It has a hippy culture that dates back to the 70s, it plays home to gorgeous boutique hotels like The Rockhouse and above all, it dares to be different.

I got married in Negril so it has a special place in my heart, but I genuinely believe it’s one of the coolest places to visit on the island.

It’s an excellent place to explore authentic Caribbean cuisine too. If you’re after some fiery jerk chicken (or pork) and street food-style eats, try 3 Dives or Pushcart in the West End, or Juicy’s, just steps from the beach. The Jamaican patties, sold by vendors along Seven Mile Beach, are also a hit. For something more refined, check out Ivan’s bar and restaurant or The Rockhouse restaurant. You can’t miss Ciao Jamaica either; it serves up some of the greatest ‘Jitalian’ fusion food on the island.

Negril is a popular place for deep sea fishing and diving, And you’ll find a ton of watersports companies offering everything from parasailing to paddleboarding.

Many folk claim Negril is where you come to let your hair down, ‘do as you please’ and forget about your worries. I might be a little bit bias, but I kind of agree.

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Introducing Negril | The west side of Jamaica you need to visit

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