Afternoon tea at The Eccleston Square Hotel

During our stay at the Eccleston Square Hotel, we thought it would be rude not to try the afternoon tea. After all, it’s claimed that Princess Victoria once enjoyed this very British tradition with her grandmother, Queen Victoria, at the time when this historical building was a formal royal residence.

cream tea

Plus, when we visited, it was Easter Sunday – a day to indulge. So, after we’d dropped our bags in our room, we made our way to the dining room and bar, located on the ground floor, ready for our afternoon treats.

Afternoon tea isn’t the only culinary experience you can have at this boutique hotel. When it comes to the food and drink, Eccleston Square Hotel offers a variety of options for staying guests.


Exterior of Eccleston Square Hotel, London

As mentioned in my review, the hotel goes for a hi-tech approach, even when it comes to the dining. The focus is on high quality, but high convenience and it’s all controlled by the in-room iPad.

On here, you’ll find a delivery-app called Night Room Service, offering food delivery from around 50 London restaurants (great if you want to dine in your room), plus a catalogue of restaurants to try in the area. The Eccleston Square Hotel partners with a local restaurant called Lobster & More, who can also deliver a range of fish and meat dishes. Meanwhile, the hotel has its own kitchen who will serve you a range of traditional British food, either to your room, or to the hotel’s dining room.

I’m sure afternoon tea could also be enjoyed in your room if you were feeling that way inclined, but our table overlooking the street and leafy gardens of Eccleston Square was a nice spot to sit and watch the world go by.

Afternoon tea at the Eccleston Square Hotel

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In keeping with the hotel’s contemporary style, the dining room interiors have a very sleek and simple design, with starched white table cloths, black leather armchairs and neutral décor, minimal clutter and a monochrome palette. Just like the hotel reception, the room is lit by a very elaborate chandelier topped with miniature black lampshades and next to the dining room is a small bar area (which leads to the media room / further dining tables) where you can order drinks throughout the day.

Contemporary dining room at Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Our waiter, Nuno – who had also given us the tour of our room – was super friendly and started us off with our glasses of Prosecco. Sadly, I felt the Prosecco needed to be more chilled and was lacking in sparkle. But we toasted the long weekend (BC drank the majority of my Prosecco before you tell me off) and we enjoyed the relaxed vibe.

Shortly afterwards, our tiered cake stand arrived and of course, it was just sleek and modern to fit in with the boutique hotel’s style.

afternoon tea cake stand

Just when we thought we’d been versed in all of the Eccleston Hotel’s hi-tech novelties, we were told that we could press a button if we needed any further assistance. Being a small, boutique hotel, you may find that the waiting staff are also manning the front desk or filling various other roles in the hotel. So, this is a good idea to ensure guests have everything they need.

French pastries

The Eccleston Square Hotel call their afternoon tea experience the Afternoon Tea A La Parisienne. This basically means that when you get to the sweet bit, there’s a focus on French pastries such as macarons and profiteroles. But don’t worry, they don’t exclude the very important English scones and jam.

Afternoon tea

I was very happy to see that our tiered feast included a generous layer of finger sandwiches. Fillings included French Brie and caramelised onions, smoked salmon and cucumber and ham and tomato with a dash of mustard – and they were all very good.

While I didn’t really rate the profiteroles so much, the macarons were lovely and the chocolate mousse was pretty good, although I was surprised to see where was only one mousse on the tray, when we had ordered for two people.

The scones, I noticed, also weren’t warm as it had promised on the menu, and they were plain scones rather than fruit ones as the menu had also suggested. Nonetheless, they were tasty and I liked the lovely presentation of the cream and jam.

jam and scone

cream tea

There’s a good selection of loose teas here, so it was nice to finish off with a big pot of English Breakfast tea and Jasmine tea, before we headed off for a stroll.

While I personally felt that the afternoon tea here was a little over-priced for what is served (it’s £26 ahead, extra with Prosecco or Champagne) and it wasn’t really made clear whether or not we could have extra scones etc, if we wished – it was a pleasant experience, the service was warm and friendly and the setting was relaxed.

I wouldn’t say that the Eccleston Square Hotel is a place that non-staying visitors would naturally come to for dinner, but if you’re visiting the Belgravia area and fancy walking in the footsteps of British royalty, do consider popping in for breakfast or afternoon tea. The afternoon tea is served every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-4pm and you can find out more information by calling 020 8068 1011 or visiting their website.

Eccleston Square Hotel, 37 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1PB

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Our food and drink here was complimentary. All views are my own.