Piece for Tidlrs | 10 cities where the world’s richest people love to live

Where in the world do the richest people live and which cities do the ultra-affluent find most appealing? If these are questions you’ve ever found yourself asking, you might like to check out this piece I wrote for the luxury website Tidlrs.

Using research carried out by Wealth-X, a company who provide business insights and research, I compiled a list of 10 cities around the world where ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals love to live.

Ok, so most of us can’t afford a $150 million-dollar apartment in Singapore but the list also makes for some interesting travel inspiration.

Here’s a summary of the list I compiled in case you’re curious.

10 cities where the world’s richest people love to live

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1. New York

UHNW residents: 8350

The USA is the most sought-after country for affluent property investors and New York – the city where ‘dreams are made of’ – ranks number one among the world’s elite.

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2. Hong Kong

UHNW residents: 7,650

Business and property magnates, tech leaders and gambling tycoons all gravitate to the dazzling city of Hong Kong. Luxury apartments can reach highs of $150 million here.

3. Tokyo

UHNW residents: 6,040

Tokyo is one of the world’s most densely populated mega-cities. However, it’s also home to one of the world’s highest growing populations of ultra-wealthy residents. Most UHNWs here live in the Kantō region of the city.

4. LA

UHNW residents: 4,600

Home to glitz, glamour and star-studded neighbourhoods like the Hollywood Hills and Rodeo Drive, the City of Angels is the dream destination for the rich and famous to buy property. In the chic oasis of Long Beach and nearby city of Anaheim, a pad can sell for a cool $4 million.

5. London

UHNW residents: 3,630

Ranking fourth in the top 30 billionaire cities, the UK capital continues to rank highly among overseas investors. And while Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill are the most desirable neighbourhoods, homes in Belgravia have been known to sell for around $30 million.

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6. Paris

UHNW residents: 3,440

Paris has a strong allure for the world’s most wealthy home owners. An opulent apartment in the central ÎledeFrance area can reach somewhere in the region of $30 million.

7. Dallas

UHNW residents: 2,330

Thanks to the Texas oil boom, Dallas has one of the strongest financial hubs in the USA and remains a magnet for some of the world’s most affluent people. Some of its most decadent mansions occupy some 16,000 square feet of estate.

8. San Francisco

UHNW residents: 2,310

The home of Silicon Valley – and HQ of around 40 businesses from the Fortune 1000 – it comes as no surprise that The City by the Bay made it onto the list of the top 30 UHNW cities. The Golden Gate Bridge, traditional cable car and twisty Lombard Street (which has appeared in various classic movies) are just some of the iconic sights that would lure the world’s richest here.

9. Singapore

UHNW residents: 2,170

Once known as the world’s most expensive city, Singapore naturally attracts wealthy home owners and travellers. This ultra-modern metropolis has a booming economy and property in this densely-populated city is as sky-high as the architecture. A three-story penthouse has been known to market for a substantial $72 million.


UHNW residents: 2,290

The HQ of the world-famous NASA Space Center and a leading city in the aeronautics, energy and technology industry, Houston is one of the USA’s most important cities. Residential properties can cost up to $10-20 million here.

This is a summary of an article which first appeared in Escapism Magazine. You can visit Escapism magazine online here and see other examples of my published travel writing here.