10 of the most instagrammable places in Miami

My mission to travel with more wonder really went to pot in Miami. This cool metropolis in southern Florida is one of the most instagrammable cities in the world. So if you plan on taking a digital detox while visiting Miami, good luck – it will be very hard! The list of instagrammable places in Miami is endless, thanks to the colourful buildings, gorgeous strips of beach and photogenic places to eat.

So for now, let me share one of my most frivolous posts for the instagram fans among you. In no particular order, here are 10 of the most instagrammable places in Miami.

And if you’re a social media addict, feel free to use this as your guide for ticking off the Magic City’s most photogenic spots.

You’re welcome. 

10 of the most instagrammable places in Miami

The Travel Journo | Wynwood Walls

1. The Art Deco District

It goes without saying, the striking 1930s architecture of the Art Deco Historic District is one of the most photographed sights in Miami. Thanks to these candy-coloured buildings, this neighbourhood has appeared on the covers of travel brochures and magazines worldwide. Alas, I didn’t get to see Ocean Drive in all its neon glory at night. But I did take a brilliant walking tour of the Art Deco Historic District during the day where I got very snap happy and I think you will too.

2. The pool at EAST Miami

The shiny skyscraper jungle of Downtown Miami is quite different to the lively vibe of Miami Beach but it’s well worth exploring. Especially, if you’re staying at EAST Miami. I spent two nights at this swanky Downtown Miami hotel and one of the biggest draws is its sprawling swimming pool area which is a feast for the eyes. With tropical gardens set against a concrete skyscraper backdrop, blue skies and bright orange sun loungers, it’s definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Miami in my eyes.. and it’s begging to be shown off on your instagram account!

3. The life guard stations on South Beach

Whether you’re right on the seafront, or strolling along the palm-fringed boulevard of South Beach, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to photograph the iconic lifeguard stations that evoke the quintessential image of Miami. If you’re looking to get arty with your photography, there are plenty of interesting characters, skateboarders and dogs to get in your picture to add a point of interest. And with these colours, there’s no filter required.

4. The Versace Mansion, aka Villa Casa Casuarina

The hashtag #VersaceMansion delivers more than 30,000 results on instagram. And with its fascinating history and of course, identity as the former home of the late Gianni Versace, there’s plenty of interest around this Spanish-inspired villa. The house, found at 1116 Ocean Drive is now an extremely plush hotel known as Villa Casa Casuarina and entry is strictly reserved for guests only. That only adds to the appeal for passersby who stop to snap photos of this seriously instagrammable building. You’ll have to be careful though, you’ll be told to move away by security if you go beyond the front steps!

Versace mansion, Miami

5. Sugar at EAST, Miami

Sugar is the trendy bar at EAST, Miami and is fast becoming one of the coolest cocktail hang outs in Downtown Miami, with plenty of fans uploading their cocktail pics to instagram. One of the reasons Sugar at EAST Miami is so instagram-worthy, is because it’s located on the 40th floor, so it boasts fantastic views over Downtown Miami. The other reason is it has a stunning Balinese rooftop garden where you’ll find all sorts of leafy nooks and a striking wooden carved bar. It’s one of the most instagrammable bars and most instagrammable places in Miami. The cocktails are fab too.

6. Wynwood Walls

I’d almost go as far to say that Wynwood Walls is the most instagrammable place in Miami. Check out the various hashtags on instagram and you’ll be rewarded with thousands of images of the neighbourhood’s brightly coloured murals.

Wynwood Walls started out when a guy called Tony Goldman decided to revive a rundown industrial area of the city, mostly made up of warehouses and derelict buildings. Now, this ‘outdoor gallery’ features works by dozens of artists from all around the world is definitely among the most ‘hipster’ places you’ll find in Miami. The opportunities for cool and arty instagram shots are endless…

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So yep, Wynwood could quite possibly be the coolest neighbourhood in Miami [obligatory street art shot alert]. As BC and I always seem to do on our first day anywhere new, we walked MILES so I was flagging a bit with the bump by the time I got to Wynwood Walls but wow, what a cool place, essentially an outdoor art gallery which came about when some brilliant dude called Tony Goldman (behind the revival of SoHo and South Beach) decided to revive a run-down area of warehouses. The area now features artwork by dozens of artists from all around the world and reminded me a bit of Williamsburg in NY. Would definitely have stayed longer if we could, but with less than 48 hours in Miami it was time to shoot off to our next stop in Little Havana (but not before stopping for some amazing donuts – see stories 🍩) Loving Miami so far. Off to South Beach today… . . . . . . #wynwoodwalls #wynwood #streetart #thetraveljourno

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7. The Downtown skyline

One of the highlights of our stay at EAST, Miami (apart from the stylish swimming pool) was the location of our room, on the 35th floor. With wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows, we spent a large part of our stay just swooning over the amazing views.

Our ‘bath-with-a-view’ looked out onto the skyscrapers of Downtown Miami and the waterfront and we couldn’t help snap this panorama in all sorts of different lights. If you happen to stay at a Downtown hotel like EAST Miami, you’re in for a visual treat. You won’t be able to stop snapping!

8. The Salty Donut

If you don’t come to The Salty Donut for the serious instagram opportunities, come here for the sheer joy of the mouth-watering donuts.

The Salty Donut offers a wide range of innovative craft donuts and it will send you into an indecisive tizz as you choose between the likes of maple bacon, cinnamon raisin and Tahitian Vanilla bean delights.

Once you get your order, you won’t be able to resist snapping some pics before you sink your teeth into these delicious things (everyone does it here). You’ll find The Salty Donut on 50 NW 23rd Street, just a stone’s throw away from Wynwood Walls, with occasional pop-ups around the city.

Do you think this is one of the most instagrammable places in Miami? I do.

Donuts and coffee at Salty Donut

9. The architecture at Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre is not only a shopper’s delight, it’s also a feast for the eyes, whether you’re into architecture or not. The undulating ceiling and futuristic design of this shopping mall is the brainchild of Miami-based architects Architectonica. And it’s one of the best places to get arty photography in Miami. Most instagrammable place in Miami? It’s definitely up there. It also houses dozens of amazing shops, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur.

 10. Little Havana

Little Havana is one of the must-see places for first-time visitors in Miami. Cuban-Americans make up over half of the city’s population and Little Havana is a great place to get a taste of the hispanic culture.

Head to the slightly touristy-but-interesting Calle Ocho and you’ll find authentic Cuban restaurants, cigar shops, Cuban bakeries and all sorts of places offering insight into the area’s heritage. Check out Domino Park where locals take their dominos very seriously and don’t miss the giant rooster sculptures – roosters are a treasured animal in Cuban folklore.

Rooster statue on Calle Ocho, Miami

Have you been to Miami and if so, where do you think are the most instagrammable places in the city?

Feel free to leave your thoughts…

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