Piece for Tidlrs | Top Tropical Hotel Openings for 2018

While there is so much to love about travelling and the cultural discoveries and adventures that come with it, I do have a weakness for an amazing hotel. I feel so lucky to have stayed in some gorgeous properties during my career and I have reviewed many of them here on the blog – the Leeu Estates  and Babylonstoren in South Africa and Sausage Tree Camp in Zambia are just a few of my favourites.

When the new year approaches, I’m always interested to hear about the new hotel openings happening around the world and I know it often makes for an interesting read when we’re in the depths of winter in the UK and we’re dreaming of our next tropical getaway.

For that reason, I wrote this piece, The Top Tropical Hotel Openings for 2018, for the luxury website Tidlrs. It covers new properties in far-flung and stunning destinations such as the Maldives, Belize and the unspoilt island of Principe. They vary in style from beach-front bungalows to over-water villas but they all have a luxury five-star quality to appeal to Tidlrs’ discerning readers.

Tidlrs is one of a number of luxury titles I write for and I have been one of their key travel writers since the website launched at the beginning of 2017. Alongside Tidlrs, I have contributed to luxury magazines such as Hedge, Square Mile, Atlas by Etihad and Upward Curve.  If you would like to get in touch regarding any luxury travel writing, please email Lucy_McGuire@hotmail.co.uk.

Otherwise, you can read the full piece Top Tropical Hotel Openings for 2018 over on Tidlrs here.

Top Tropical Hotel Openings for 2018

Tidlrs article on top tropical hotel openings

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