Piece for Tidlrs | A Luxury Guide to the star-studded Lake Geneva

European aristocrats, socialites and royalty have all been travelling to Lake Geneva since the late 19th Century. A region flanked by pine-covered mountains and rich in an illustrious watchmaking heritage, the interest in the ‘jewel of Switzerland’ is strong among well-heeled travellers.

Lake Geneva is a great destination to visit not only over Christmas – when the region is festooned with Christmas lights and filled with traditional festive markets – it’s also a great city break destination and is widely visited year-round. My piece for the luxury website Tidlrs provides readers with a detailed guide to the key towns of Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and Vevey. It provides ideas on how to explore the region’s watchmaking industry, where to find the most luxurious hotels and how to dine out in some of the region’s Michelin-starred restaurants. You’ll also find a mention of the top spas in Lake Geneva, a bit about the Montreux Jazz Festival and plenty of ideas for ways to soak up the area’s rich history.

Tidlrs is one of a number of luxury titles I write for and I have been one of their key travel writers since the website launched at the beginning of 2017. Alongside Tidlrs, I have contributed to luxury magazines such as Hedge, Square Mile, Atlas by Etihad and Upward Curve.  If you would like to get in touch regarding any luxury travel writing, please email Lucy_McGuire@hotmail.co.uk.

Otherwise, you can read the full piece A Luxury Guide to the Star-Studded Riviera of Lake Geneva on Tidlrs here.

A Luxury Guide to the star-studded Riviera of Lake Geneva

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