Piece for Love Exploring | Explore the Garden Route, South Africa

The Garden Route runs between South Africa’s Eastern and Western Cape and is home to some of the country’s most staggering scenery. Sandwiched between the Garden Route National Park and the rugged southern coast, it’s a hotspot for idyllic walks, fantastic restaurants and plenty of outdoor pursuits.

You could easily spend two weeks exploring this region, but the question is, what do you want to see? I’d highly advise you do your research and have a rough itinerary of the top towns you wish to visit along the route. And if you are looking for further tips or would like to commission an article on the region, feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime, do check out this piece I was commissioned to write for Love Exploring: Explore the Garden Route, South Africa which you can read in full here. It’s a very practical guide and covers everything from the geography of the Garden Route and hidden insider tips to how to get around. Enjoy.

Explore the Garden Route, South Africa

Love Exploring article on the Garden Route

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This is a summary of a piece I wrote for Love Exploring. To read the full feature, visit the Love Exploring website.
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