Piece for Weather2Travel | 10 unmissable things to do in Barbados

I’m racking up quite a collection of travel writing on Barbados. It was the first real overseas press trip I ever went on, over 10 years ago. And I’ve said it before, my trip there was probably the start of my ongoing love for the Caribbean, which continues today.

Barbados draws in many travellers with its unbelievable beaches and balmy weather but there is so much more to this island than its white sands. For example, have you heard of cou-cou, their national dish? The food scene on the island is well worth exploring and if you’re here in November, the Barbados Food and Rum Festival is a great time to try some Caribbean specialties. You’ll also want to try a cutter (a type of fried fish sandwich), another local favourite. You’ll find the best ones at Cuz’s fish shack.

Aside from the food,  there’s heaps of nature to explore in Barbados. And one of the key attractions for exploring the island’s flora and fauna is Hunte’s Gardens, an oasis run by the eccentric horticulturalist Anthony Hunte.

Then there’s the sporting heritage at the Garrison Savannah racetrack, the ‘Mecca of cricket’ at the Kensington Oval and the abundance of history in the capital of Bridgetown.

What did I say, Barbados has loads to offer beyond the beach, so to read the full article 10 Unmissable things to do in Barbados, head over to the Weather2Travel blog to find out more.

10 Unmissable things to do in Barbados

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