Piece for Cheapflights | 10 things to know before you fly in a safari plane

Safari planes – where do I start? The first time I flew in one I had a complete melt-down. The second time I flew in one, I had a semi meltdown. The third? I managed to at least look calm, even if I was a nervous wreck inside. In short, I find these types of aircraft terrifying.

But if you’re ever thinking of going on safari in a remote location like the the Lower Zambezi in Zambia, I have some news – it’s pretty likely you’re going to fly in one of these things. They may feel like you’re whizzing along in a baked bean can but actually – despite all my freaking out – they’re pretty safe.

But if like me, you’re scared of heights, you’ll probably need a little more reassurance than me just telling you that they’re safe. Which is why I wrote this piece for the Cheapflights blog on the things you need to know before you fly in a safari plane.

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Otherwise, do check out this piece in full, 10 things to know before you fly in a safari plane, over on the Cheapflights blog.

10 things to know before you fly in a safari plane

Cheapflights blog post on flying in a safari plane

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