The Mindful Getaway Guide by The Travel Journo & TravelSupermarket

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There’s no doubt that mindfulness and travel go hand in hand. When we take a holiday, or decide to go travelling, we’re often escaping our everyday routine which can become so ingrained in our psyche.

We’re experiencing new tastes, sounds and smells. And we’re seeing brand new scenery and culture that naturally anchors our mind in the present moment. It’s no wonder that for so many of us, travel feels like the best antidote when our minds are whizzing and we’re feeling overworked.

I love the whole subject of travel and wellbeing, so I was really excited to be part of a project on that very topic with the holiday and travel comparison site, TravelSupermarket.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

The Mindful Getaway Guide by The Travel Journo & TravelSupermarket

The team at TravelSupermarket recognised that some destinations naturally offer a more mindful setting. Whether that’s the healing green space you’ll find there; the yoga and mindfulness coaching facilities on offer, or the rich cultural festivals that captivate the mind. Some places simply lend themselves to feeling more mindful.

For that reason, TravelSupermarket have launched the very exciting Mindful Getaway Guide which I’ve helped them compile alongside Kiri Nowak of The Content Wolf. It’s based on extensive research the team has carried out on the most mindful destinations across Europe and the UK.

Here they explain things in a little more detail….

“With modern day life moving at 100 miles an hour, our Mindful Getaway Guide includes the top 20 UK and European destinations that will provide a setting to de-stress, appreciate tranquil surroundings and give you the space to take a much-needed breather…”

tropical flower | The Mindful Getaway Guide

The guide covers everywhere from the Isle of Man and Newquay, to wonderful places such as Skyros, Ischia and Brac. But how did they decide on the final 20 destinations?

“We ranked the mindfulness potential of each destination using three key metrics: Mindful Sites (yoga, meditation and mindful and wellness resources), Mindful Setting (population density) and Mindful Relaxation (the total number of spa facilities and services)…

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide

“To give an overall mindful score (30 being the highest), each of the metric scores (each metric is scored out of 10) are added together. Where any two or more of the final ranking scores were the same, we took the highest metric scoring out of 10, for the Mindful Setting Score, as the defining factor in ranking, as we deemed this as the most significant metric…”

And here are some of the highlights you can expect to find in the final 20…

Healing Green Space

Eco-psychologists have found that surrounding yourself with green space is one of the most healing things you can do. Many of us aren’t spending enough time outdoors yet activities such as stargazing, mountain walking and surrounding ourselves with awe-inspiring nature can do wonders for our wellbeing.

Lucy McGuire hiking Mt Longonot | The Mindful Getaway Guide

If that sounds up your street, you’ll want to check out places like Loch Lomond, the Brecon Beacons and Chamonix.

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide | Loch Lomond

Healing Blue Space

Don’t you agree, there’s something about the ocean that makes you feel happy? Whether it’s the fresh sea air or the calming sound of the waves, mindfulness and seaside breaks are a match made in heaven.

ocean view - Göcek and the 12 islands | The Mindful Getaway Guide

In the same way that green space boosts our wellbeing, the sea has therapeutic properties too. If you enjoy travelling to the coast, check out the likes of Newquay, Skyros and the Isle of Man.

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide | Skyros

History and Heritage

For many of us, transporting our minds to another era is an effective way to give our minds a break from the present day. And as The Mindful Getaway Guide shows, the UK teems with historical cities and heritage sites.

An old French house in Champagne, France | The Mindful Getaway Guide

Did you know that the English hamlet of Malmesbury in the Cotswolds is built on a former Iron Age Hill fort? And have you heard of Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, the site of a 6th and 7th Century burial ground? If mindfulness for you is discovering historical tales and artifacts, you’ll find plenty in the guide to pique your interest.

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide | Woodbridge

Fascinating culture and arts

It goes without saying, exploring cultures and traditions can help us gain a different perspective on the world. I was personally fascinated by The Skyros Goat Festival, an ancient Greek celebration which sees locals wrapping themselves in goatskins and energetically dancing in the streets.

Artwork in Valetta | The Mindful Getaway Guide

Meanwhile, back on home soil, the simple act of picking up knick-knacks in antiques and craft fairs can be all you need to unwind. I think you’ll agree, there’s nothing more liberating than travelling with curiosity and an open mind.

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide | Arundel

Yoga, Spas & Mindfulness retreats

Some destinations made it into the Mindful Getaway Guide partly because they ranked highly on mindful activities such as excellent spas, yoga and mindfulness facilities.

Buddha statue | The Mindful Getaway Guide

Woodbridge on the Suffolk coast hosts some lovely full moon yoga and meditation practices, while Ibiza has become a mecca for yogis with all sorts of spiritual and wellbeing retreats on offer. Some even claim the island has a mysterious and healing energy due to its quartz-rich soil. Have you been? Tell me what you think.

Screenshot of The Mindful Getaway Guide | Ibiza

Food and Drink

How can we talk about mindfulness and wellbeing without mentioning one of my favourite topics, food and drink? One of the key ways we can incorporate more mindfulness into our lives is in the way we consume our meals. After all, how many times have you inhaled your lunch without really thinking about what it tasted like? Travel of course, delivers some amazing opportunities to try different cuisines. And we’ve managed to highlight some of the best mindful food and drink experiences in this guide.

Whether it’s nourishing your body with organic cooking in Newquay, or sampling small-batch olive oil on the island of Brac, I think you’ll love the culinary experiences we’ve uncovered.

Avocado on toast at Farm Girl, London | The Mindful Getaway Guide

These are just some of the highlights you’ll find in the Mindful Getaway Guide now live on TravelSupermarket. So, whether you are interested in travelling more mindfully, or simply want to be inspired for your next holiday, do check it out. I have a feeling I could be putting some of these places on my 2018 travel wish list!

Have you been on a mindfulness retreat, or are you inspired by any of the destinations in the Mindful Getaway Guide? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica | The Mindful Getaway Guide

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