Guest Blogger Q&A | Connie Law, Connie Consumes

This week I’m really excited to have Connie Law on the blog. Connie is of course, the founder of the food and travel blog Connie Consumes. She is a London-based kiwi who writes the most delicious stories about her food-focused adventures (I dare your mouth not to water when you visit her restaurant reviews). And as we speak, she is about to leave Blighty for another adventure. So do check out her blog and follow her travels.

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But for now, it’s over to you Connie….

Guest Blogger Q&A | Connie Law, Connie Consumes

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Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Connie, the hungry soul behind Connie Consumes. I’m currently based in London but will soon be packing up my London life and heading off on the next adventure through Asia with my boyfriend!

Travel & food blogger Connie Law

Why did you set up your blog?

I started a blog when we left New Zealand over four years ago so that friends and family could keep up with our travels. It was more of a travel diary which chronicled our four month travels through America, Canada, Mexico and Cuba before finally touching down in London to start our new expat life. When we got to London, that blog slowly transformed into Connie Consumes which has more of a focus on food and travel advice in London and across all the wonderful cities and countries we’ve visited!

How much time do you spend on your blog?

I have a full-time job in a field which is completely unrelated to food or travel so my blog is like my moonlight gig. Over the last few years it’s progressed from a mere hobby to something which feels like a part time job, but one that I love!

What do you love most about blogging?

The thing I love most about my blog is that it has given me an opportunity to express my creativity when it comes to storytelling and allows me to share my passion for wining and dining around the world. A very close second is being part of a community of like-minded, creative, hungry people who provide constant food and travel inspiration!

The Louvre, Paris

What do you think is the key to a successful blog?

The blogs which I think are the most successful as the ones where the blogger has a clear voice and style. I know that photography is an important part of any blog, but my first love is writing and it’s the blogs which tell captivating tales that hold my attention and keep me coming back!

What kind of content can readers expect from Connie Consumes?

Connie Consumes is all the incredible experiences I have eating and drinking my way around the world. So readers should expect plenty of delicious recommendations, useful tips and tricks for travel, and a dash of my no-nonsense Kiwi humour on the side!

Stylish plate of food

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know..

While I talk and travel like a true blue Kiwi, I was actually born in Malaysia before moving to New Zealand when I was just 3 years old. My Malaysian heritage is still very important to me and I’m slowly learning more and more about it through food!

What’s your favourite dish you’ve ever tasted while travelling?

This is a tough one to answer as I’ve eaten so many weird and wonderful dishes during my travels, but I think beef tartare deserves to take this award. I tried my first beef tartare at Carnevino in The Venetian, Las Vegas and have been ordering them ever since. My obsession has led me to try them all over London, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Norway… and I’m yet to find one I didn’t like!

Beef tartare

What are your favourite travel and lifestyle blogs?

As I’m in the midst of some serious travel planning, I’m mainly reading travel blogs at the moment… Current favourites are Grandtourismo TravelsDan Flying SoloUntold MorselsDame Traveler. All have engaging and informative content which I love!

What’s in store for Connie Consumes in the next few months?

We are into our last few months in London so I’ll be ticking off some activities and restaurants from my London bucket list before we head off to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks, then home to New Zealand for a month or so, then over to South East Asia for the start of our slow travel adventure across the region! Connie Consumes will no longer be based in London, but the eating escapades will still continue so make sure you follow along!

Thanks so much Connie for taking part in my Q&A and sharing your food and travel adventures. Enjoy your travels Connie! If you want to find out more about Connie, you can follow her on twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and of course, via her lovely blog, Connie Consumes.

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