Travel essentials: The Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Collection

Product review of Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Collection for The Travel Journo

Which bath and beauty treatments do you swear by when you’re travelling?

What are the beauty travel essentials that perk you up when you’re a little bit jet-lagged and help make you feel that little bit more refreshed when you’re in a hot climate?

Personally, during the summer months, I like to use bath and beauty products that are light and floral, not too musky and not too overpowering.

So I was super keen to try the Porcelain Rose Collection – the latest summer bath and bodycare range by Ted Baker – to see if they’re worth packing into my next tropical getaway.

Or at the very least, are going to help me still feel relatively fresh after being on the sweatbox we call the London Underground (because seriously people, it’s horrendous in this heat!)

Blush Pink Little Luxuries &

The collection features three different themed fragrances – Pretty Pearl, Blush Pink and Opulent Petal. And as you’ll be able to tell by the names, these fragrances are very floral, feminine and in my opinion, perfect for the summer season.

The Blush Pink Range by Ted Baker

The Little Luxuries Beauty Gift Bag you see on the right (above, £12), is part of the Blush Pink Range. It combines subtle hints of cassis with sparkling grapefruit, mandarin and mango. Some of the range is also made up of a lovely summery scent of neroli and jasmine with tuberose, cyclamen, muguet, patchouli and sandalwood.

Inside the Little Luxuries Beauty Gift Bag you’ll find a mini body lotion (50ml), body spray (50ml) and lip balm. And as the name suggests, it makes for a great little gift.

As all the bottles are under 100ml, it’s perfect for putting in your carry-on luggage for a weekend away. And the PVC bag would be great for taking to the beach.

I particularly love the vanilla lip balm as it comes in a stylish golden pot – perfect for popping into your hand bag for a summer night out, instead of your boring old regular lip balm!

Oh, and they all smell lovely.

Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Collection

The Pretty Pearl Collection by Ted Baker

The Pretty Pearl Collection (£20) is a collection of one body wash (200ml), a body lotion (50ml) and body spray (150ml).

I’ve been using the body wash at home and this collection has a slightly fruitier-floral aroma.

Think blushing red fruits and peach, sweet violet, rose petals, violets, patchouli, warm sandalwood, with a base of musk sandalwood and raspberry leaf.

At first, I thought this collection seems a little bit sweet for me. But after a few days of wearing it, it really grew on me.

The body lotion is a nice travel size and the body spray is one you could pop into your check-in suitcase.

I love the toiletry bag in that signature Ted Baker design too. It’s perfect if you’re flying long haul and want to take a toiletry bag that’s a little more luxurious than the more practical plastic one.

Ted Baker Porcelain Rose Collection

When I’m travelling to a hot country or I’ve just got off the plane, a cool shower followed by a spritz of something light and uplifting can make me feel like a brand new person. And I think this lovely little collection manages to achieve just that.

And when it comes to those days when you return home after facing the stuffy, unbearable tube, this could be the summery pick-me-up you need.

Because seriously – the tube really is unbearable right?!

What are your travel beauty essentials and what goes inside your toiletry bag when you travel? Do you like reading beauty and cosmetic reviews? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you think. 

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