Piece for Virgin | Apitourism: Slovenia’s niche tourism trend

Apitourism, or honeybee tourism, is at the heart of Slovenia’s tourism. This lush and green country has over 9,600 beekeepers, more than 12,000 apiaries and is the first – and only – country to have certified apitourism providers. Let’s just say that beekeeping is intertwined in their culture and history. So it only seems natural to promote their beekeeping heritage to the travellers who come here.

I visited Slovenia and wrote a piece on this travel trend for the Virgin website and how it is raising awareness of the importance of honeybees in our eco-system, and how it also raising awareness of the global honeybee crisis. Check out the piece in full here.

Apitourism: Slovenia’s niche travel trend

Article for Virgin on apitourism

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This is a summary of a feature that appeared on Virgin.com. For the full feature, visit the Virgin website.
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