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Happy Monday all. It’s been a few weeks since I shared a blogger Q&A so I’m really happy to feature someone new this week. Today I’m talking to Catherine of Lux Life, a fantastic travel and lifestyle blog that’s been on my radar for quite some time – but I’d never actually spoken to Catherine until very recently.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do and if you are a blogger who’d like to appear do get in touch.

But until then, it’s over to you Catherine!

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Tell us about yourself

Hello! My name is Catherine Lux, and I write the award-winning luxury lifestyle blog, Lux Life. I’m from a little market town in Surrey, but am currently living temporarily in Sydney. My blog name was inspired by my surname (Lux), and what my blog was all about…my life. It was a pretty easy decision to make ;) Lux Life is six years old now, and I still can’t believe blogging is something I actually stuck to!
The Travel Journo Blogger Q&A series | Lux Life Blog Catherine

Why did you set up your blog?

I actually had a blog before Lux Life, it was a charity blog though about a big nine-month charity challenge where I lived off 10 pounds a week for nine months to raise money for Tommy’s, Hughes Syndrome Foundation, Lupus, and Home-Start. The four charities were chosen for personal reasons close to my heart – my Aunty passed away very suddenly from Lupus and Hughes Syndrome at the age of 36 in August 2010, and I wanted to do something a bit unusual to help the charities that had helped her. I updated it weekly and when the charity challenge was over, I missed blogging. A month later I set up Lux Life and started by just posting little musings from my day and the events I attended as part of my social life within London’s ‘Clubland’.
The Travel Journo Blogger Q&A series | Lux Life Blog Catherine

What’s your typical week – do you blog full-time or part-time?

I work full-time in the media industry, so my blog is just a part-time project on the side. I’ve always worked full-time as well as running my blog, and I really love my job so could never imagine taking the blog full time! My typical week in London was going to work Monday-Friday, and going out most nights after work, then going out on the weekends, and blogging on Sundays.
Now I’m living in Australia things are a little different. I moved to Sydney mainly to stop myself from burning out, and to take some time out from London to focus on my health and wellbeing. Now my week generally looks like work Monday-Friday, gym six days a week, and a nights out with friends on a Friday and Saturday. Cutting down my nights out from 5-6 times a week to 1-2 times per week, and going to the gym instead, is still something I’m getting used to!
The Travel Journo Blogger Q&A series | Lux Life Blog Catherine

What do you love most about blogging?

The opportunities that come with blogging are incredible, but without a doubt it’s the community that I love the most. I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging and now class a couple of them as my closest friends – even though one of them stopped blogging a couple of years ago.

What do you think is the key to a successful blog?

Honestly…I think luck, and hard work. If you look at a lot of successful bloggers from the old days, a lot of their success was down to the pure luck of being spotted or featured by the right people and publications, and then everything snowballing from there. However, I also think it has to do with being very present within the blogging community and really taking a lot of time to support and champion your fellow bloggers (something that unfortunately isn’t very easy when you have a full time job and little time). Of course a great aesthetic and useful/shareable content helps too!
The Travel Journo Blogger Q&A series | Lux Life Blog Catherine

What kind of content can readers expect from your site?

I write mainly about luxury travel, food, and life in general. You’ll also see a fair amount of events (and the dresses worn at those events) on Lux Life whenever I’m back in London – I love giving my readers a view into my world which is usually a very private and unseen part of London.

Tell us something about yourself that people may not know..

Oooh where to start! Haha! Erm, do you want the shocking or the weird? I’ll give you both. I’ve been obsessed with the Coca-Cola brand since I was 14 years old (even though I rarely drink it), and I’ve been collecting limited edition coke bottles from around the world since I was 14, ha. I get super embarrassed about it but it doesn’t stop me adding to my collection.
There was also a time on my blog when I was constantly going to a certain Private Member’s Club with friends, and then I suddenly stopped going to it up until a couple of years ago. The reason I stopped going for about 3 years was because I was given a lifetime ban for *ahem* misbehaving! I never actually did anything wrong though and a woman who just didn’t like me made up a story to get me banned – the amount of different rumours I’ve heard over the years about me is insane (all of them involve a guy, yet mysteriously the supposed guy in question never got banned…). Eventually the club realised that I never did any of the things she said I did, so they allowed me back in again.
The Travel Journo Blogger Q&A series | Lux Life Blog Catherine

What are your favourite travel and lifestyle blogs?

This is tricky as there are soooo many! Favourites that I’ve loved since the beginning of my blogging journey include Kings Road Rocks and The London Ladybird. Newer ones that I love are ones like Posh, Broke & Bored, Handluggage Only, Girl Tweets World, and Nettle & Blackberry.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

It used to be Instagram, but I think they’ve sold out massively to Facebook and no longer have any control over the platform, so it’s just about advertising these days. Currently I adore Pinterest, i’m obsessed with it and even though I don’t have many followers, it’s my second biggest traffic driver after Google!

Where are your travels taking you to next?

I’m currently back in London for the next week before heading back to Sydney, and then for the rest of the year the plan is Melbourne, New Zealand, New York, Iceland, and then back to London again for Christmas! Gotta make the most of the limited holiday days ;)
Thank you Catherine for taking part in my Q&A and sharing all your lovely (and funny!) stories and tips. If you want to find out more about Catherine, you can follow her on twitterFacebookinstagram, Pinterest and of course, via her blog, Lux Life
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