Stylish summer sandals by The Twins Collection

News flash: I’m writing about fashion

Warning: You may feel the urge to buy a pair of these stylish summer sandals by The TWINS Collection once you’ve finished reading this post

The Twins Collection

It’s rare that I start a new season saying ‘right, it’s time to buy a new [insert season] wardrobe. To be honest, these days I focus on buying less, but investing in what I absolutely need (and like) rather than just grabbing multiple items of fast fashion because I feel like I need to fit in with the current season’s look.

When it comes to shoes, I occasionally splash out on something fancy but generally, if I’m honest, I’m kicking about in my trusty Converse. On the beach? Havaianas. Summer evenings? You can’t go wrong with a wedge sandal.

What I also love during the summer months, is a stylish pair of flat sandals. The type you can dress up, dress down and create all sorts of different looks with. The type you can walk the length of an airport in without getting blisters. And the type that will be great for a spot of sight-seeing, but will also serve you well when you go for dinner in the evening, but really don’t want to wear heels (which I rarely do).

So when I found out a friend had just launched The TWINS Collection – a range of stylish flat sandals – I was very happy to share some of her sandals on the blog.

Only once I’d tried them out of course. And you know what? I really like them.

Blue Lizard Sandals | TWIN Collection

Before we go on, yep what you are seeing is correct –  I’m writing about fashion. And when BC agreed (read: gave in), to help with some photography in Battersea Park, I realised two things: one, I should never, ever try and pose like a fashion blogger (I look like a moody teenager, apparently). And two, I’m going to be wearing these sandals a lot this summer.

The TWINS Collection Story

Mathilde, the founder of the TWINS Collection is originally from Paris, so I think it’s safe to say, she was born with style! Currently based in Dubai (but they ship to Europe), she has travelled the world extensively and her ethos, to create a simple yet elegant sandal that can accompany you throughout the day or night – really speaks to me. Mathilde describes her sandals as ‘unique and chic’ and ‘inspired by her travels’. Sounds good, right?

Want to see more?

The sandals in the pic above are The Wild Blue Lizard and sit in her collection of animal print-inspired footwear. Personally, I think these are great for every day wear and even in the office.

The lovely sparkly numbers below are her Sparkly Bronze design which unsurprisingly, belong in the ‘sparkly’ section of The TWINS Collection. I think you’ll agree, they are fab for dressing up a pair of ordinary jeans, wearing with a sarong on your travels, or adding a bit of sparkle to classic workwear.

Sparkly Bronze sandals | TWINS Collection

Now it’s time for something even glitzier…..

I LOVE the Star Blue pair. I can just imagine wearing these with a sleek dress for evening drinks, or with a summery dress or cropped trousers when you’re on holiday. There are 120 tassle beads on these sandals and they look equally as chic with a pair of jeans. I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing these a lot on my travels.

Star Blue TWINS Collection

Star Blue sandals | TWINS Collection

Star Blue sandals | TWINS Collection

And now for the practical bit.

All of these sandals have a hardwearing rubber sole which seems pretty tough and bendy which I like. They also have a subtle rubber heal to add a tiny bit of height.

All in all, I love this collection and could easily collect them in multiple designs…. I’m thinking perhaps the Wild Snake ones next.

What about you?

Oh, and I gave up trying to look like a pro model and resorted to my favourite pose…. (because I’ll never be good in front of the camera….)

The Travel Journo | Lucy McGuire

You can find out more about The TWINS Collection over on the official website and follow them on Facebook and instagram

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These sandals were a gift as part of this review. This is not a sponsored post.