Guest Blogger Q&A: Bonnie in Wonderland

Have you been keeping up with my blogger Q&As? I love featuring other writers and bloggers in the travel world, to find out how they do things and what exciting destinations they have on their travel wishlists this year. If you need to catch up, check out my recent interviews with Alex of Gingey Bites, Hadas of The Fashion Matters, Sophie of Sophie Cliff and Char of Memoir Musings.

Today, I’m featuring Bonnie, the founder of Bonnie in Wonderland who shares a bit about her site and offers some fantastic food and drink tips.

Over to you Bonnie..

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Tell us about yourself and your blog

I’m Bonnie, I’m half Swedish, half English, who’s a born and bred farmer’s daughter and darn proud of it. I created Bonnie in Wonderland as my little slice to put into writing travels, food and a little dash of lifestyle.

Why did you set up your blog?

I set up a blog because I loved reading others blogs about other’s people’s experiences, getting tips on travel and restaurant reviews and I thought why not give it a go? I soon found writing down my own experiences was almost as fun as living them all over again.

Bonnie in Wonderland

Tell me about your typical week – do you blog part-time or full-time?

I blog part-time alongside a fulltime job. My day can vary from meetings, writing up said meetings, pulling stats, writing up papers and compiling project proposals, so it’s quite varied. Although there are some skills in my job which are related to blogging, I like having my full-time job and blogging as two separate entities, which keeps life varied.

What do you love most about blogging?

Well it’s a toss up between meeting new inspiring people and as I said earlier, getting the opportunity to almost relive experiences through writing them up.

Bonnie in Wonderland

What kind of content can readers expect from your site?

Travel of course, alongside lots of food posts, which include my own recipes and restaurant reviews and the occasional lifestyle post.

What are your 3 favourite travel posts of all time?

Romes Forgotten Churches

St Petersburg & Its Opulent Palaces

Our Norfolk Adventure

What are your favourite travel blogs?

There are so many I admire, so I’ve cut it down to four (but there are many more that are nailing it)

Rosie (The Londoner) – she captures everywhere she goes so beautifully and makes it seem like an absolute dream.

Hannah Gale – her vlogs are so relatable, her pictures are spot on and she has a real way with words. I love all her blog posts, and her travel is definitely included in that.

Georgina Goodman – she’s always off galavanting and I love living vicariously through her travels.

Anne-Sophie (City Cookie) – Have you seen her new car? It’s almost as adorable as she is! But I digress, her travel posts are always top quality, routing out exactly what I want and answering any questions I may have about a destination.

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What’s the best food you’ve tasted while travelling?

  • Zucchini in Venice does absolutely divine seasonal food, perched right on a canal and perfectly shady for a lunch time cool down and glass of wine, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Gardeners Cottage, Edinburgh. Fantastic tasting menu. Yes it’s pricey, but it’s actually really good value. The kitchen is open so you can watch as they prepare your meal and the food is beautifully aromatic and perfectly balanced in textures and flavours.
  • On Koh Samui we tried a variety of restaurants – beach huts, a luxurious option and crazy, amazing night markets. My favourite food was at Cafe Talay along Mae nam beach. Watch the sun dip into the ocean, sink your toes into the sand and enjoy authentic Thai food for a fraction of hotel prices!

Bonnie in Wonderland

What have been your top highlights or achievements in blogging?

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and write up content I’m really proud of. Next step, take top quality photos!

Where are your travels taking you next in 2017?

  • Sweden to visit family and renew my passport.
  • USA, and I know it’s huge but we’re doing a few stops. We’re hopping across the pond for a wedding then tagging on a Californian roadtrip on the end.
  • Hopefully Rome, but that’s not booked yet and we’ll see about weekend staycations, watch this space!

Thanks Bonnie for taking part in this Q&A. You can follow Bonnie on twitter and of course, her blogIf you’re a travel blogger and would like to feature in the Q&A series, please get in touch