Review: Steak night at The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

Oh hey there, restaurant review, it’s been a while. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know I haven’t shared a UK foodie post in a while. But I thought it was time to share another great London restaurant with you while I’ve been enjoying some ‘home time’, with no flights or far-flung trips currently planned (for the immediate future anyway).

And The Jones Family Project is a great place to start.

The main reason we were visiting The Jones Family Project on this particular night was because BC and I were staying at The Hoxton Hotel. There are of course, bundles of great places to eat in Shoreditch. But I’d read many rave reviews about TJFP. And as it took oh, around four minutes to walk from our fifth floor hotel room at The Hoxton on Great Eastern Street to the restaurant front door. It seemed like a wise choice if we wanted to roll home afterwards.

Let’s get stuck in…

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

The first regret I have about visiting The Jones Family Project is not having pre-dinner cocktails. We knew there was a cocktail menu here (and reportedly a smashing one at that) but we decided to head off for a drink in a bar down the road to add a bit of variation to the night.

When we saw the speakeasy style bar offering stylish green leather booths and an interesting cocktail list, we kicked ourselves. So make sure you allow time to enjoy it if you happen to visit.

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

We were seated in a bright red booth which felt nice and private, but within listening distance of the hum of the restaurant. Service was relaxed but attentive and as we were hungry, we dived straight in.

The asparagus and egg starter was a big hit. It was cooked in a Josper oven so it had retained some wonderful charcoal and smokey flavours and the egg yolk was quite soft and gooey. Plus, it looked fab.

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The pig cheeks which BC ordered were a knockout too. The Jones Family Project source their meat from the Ginger Pig and ‘other famers that they know and trust’ and you could tell. The pig cheek meat was tender and moist. There was also bacon-wrapped apple which complemented this flavoursome plate of food perfectly.

The Jones Family Project

For mains, BC had the ribeye and I plumped for the sirloin. To be honest, I rarely know which steak to go for as I often lean towards the leaner cuts, yet I know that fat adds to the flavour. And on this occasion, I think BC’s ribeye was the better choice.

My sirloin was juicy but wasn’t quite so tender while they accomplished both with the ribeye.

Do order the truffle dauphinoise if you’re feeling naughty – this dish of truffle, buttery potatoes and stonking amounts of garlic is wicked but you won’t regret it.

The wilted spinach is a great side and the chips meet the essential crisp but fluffy criteria.

The Jones Family Project

The sauces are also fantastic. I can vouch for the creamy Béarnaise which in my opinion, was richer and tastier than the peppercorn.

The philosophy at The Jones Family Project seems to be around sustainable ingredients and they pride themselves on their beers and spirit selection, with many being produced locally.

The restaurant itself was set up by a group of friends who shared a passion for food and there seems to be a collective enthusiasm amongst their staff.

Our waitress was keen to advise us on the red wine and many members of staff chatted to us enthusiastically about our meal, keen to get our opinions on the food. We felt very looked after.

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But what about the wine?

The Jones Family Project | The Wine

The Jones Family Project wine

In short, it’s very, very good. Well I can vouch for the Vistalba Corte B – a rich Argentinian Malbec / Cabernet blend anyway.

The only downside – or upside, depending on which way you look at it – is it’s a pretty boozy 15%, which is perhaps why two glasses was definitely enough for me. But there are of course, plenty of other wines to choose from – 30 in fact.

You can order by the carafe too, which is good if you and your dining buddy want something different. For me, steak always needs red wine.

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The Jones Family Project


When the desserts arrived, we realised we were reaching dangerously waist-busting levels. And BC’s eyes nearly popped out his head when he saw the gigantic slab of chocolate brownie placed in front of him.

In all honesty, it wasn’t as moist and gooey as you’d hope a chocolate brownie to be but it was rich and came with some lovely salted caramel sauce and coconut sorbet.

The Jones Family Project

I was initially put off by the thick layer of jelly that covered the lemon posset (I think this was the prosecco jelly) but overall, the tangy lemon mousse, super-fresh raspberries and lavender biscuits made for a very lovely dessert.

We skipped the dessert wines but they do offer pairing suggestions if you’re interested.

lemon possett | The Jones Family Project

After the last drop of wine, we’d succumbed to the post-meal fatigue and it was time to zip over the road back to our room at The Hoxton while the rest of Shoreditch were only just starting their night.

The Jones Family Project lived up to our expectations.  With great steaks, great wine and a ‘family’ of lovely staff, what more could you ask for?

The Jones Family Project, 78 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL / +44 (0)207 739 1740

Reasons to love The Jones Family Project

  • They have really private booths so you can enjoy a romantic date and / or cosy up with your pals.
  • There’s a cocktail bar downstairs and upstairs for pre and post-dinner drinks.
  • They have 30 wines by the glass.
  • They serve craft beer – Think Inkspot St.Reatham Lager, Northern Monk Session IPA and Effra Amber Ale.
  • There’s a beef cuts diagram on the wall so you can ‘nip to the toilet’ and study it on your way, then impress your friends with your butchery and steak knowledge
  • They serve about 10 different types of G&T (I don’t drink gin but I know lots of you do, don’t you?)
  • The staff are really pleasant.
  • It’s opposite the Hoxton Hotel – so you can pair dinner here with a stylish hotel stay.
  • They serve brunch. Enough said.

Have you been to The Jones Family Project? What did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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The Jones Family Project, Shoreditch

Our meal at The Jones Family Project was complimentary but as you can see, all views here are our own. Follow them on twitter, instagram and Facebook.