Guest Blogger Q&A: Charlotte, Memoir Musings

This week in my guest blogger series, I’m chatting to Char, who runs her blog Memoirs and Musings. Over to you Char!

Memoirs and Musings

Tell us about yourself and your blog

My name is Charlotte (Char for short), I’m London born and raised with a penchant for white wine, fried chicken and laughing the days away. My attitude to travel is ‘champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget’ which I document on my blog – Memoirs & Musings. Memoirs being my actual real life experiences and Musings being my thoughts on a plethora of topics.

Why did you set up your blog?

I’ve been in and out of blogging world from the LiveJournal days of 2004. I finally decided to take it seriously after coming back from a trip to Dubai in early 2015. Travel has always been something close to my heart, so the best way to document my trips was in the form of a blog. Although I’m a relatively small blogger, I’ve met some amazing people, been given some brilliant opportunities, but best of all opened my eyes to a world outside the tube and 9-5 London.

Char, Memoir Musings

Tell me about your typical week – do you blog part-time or full-time?

I work full time in your typical 9-5 job. So with that in mind, I blog very part-time, I write my posts on the tube or in my lunch break. Every now and then I attend an event in the evening meaning I’m pretty busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sundays, however are for total chill time.

What do you love most about blogging?

What I love most about blogging is discovering other bloggers who have the same interests as you. Particularly in travel blogging you can connect with so many people over a place, food you’ve eaten there or the stories you have to tell. Not only that my close friends don’t have the same obsession with Mac lipsticks (how cliche) that I do, so it’s great to have a platform where I can share this without being judged.

What are your 3 favourite travel posts of all time?

Walking around Central Park on my own 

Travelling solo for the first time to Milan because the flights were only £25 return

Universal Studios in LA

What kind of content can readers expect from your site? 

You can expect to find me making the most of my annual leave, going back to work the next day jet lagged but overwhelmed with a new found perspective. My travel posts cover the US, Europe and a few beach destinations like Barbados and Cape Verde. When it comes to travel, I want luxury on a budget, so I’m forever doing research before I book a trip, so you’ll find some handy to-do lists and guides on my blog.

Char, Memoir Musings

What are your favourite travel blogs you most like to read? 

To be honest, I read so many it’s hard to pick, but here are some I’ve enjoyed recently:

Tee and a Passport

The Travelista

Life With Me by Marianna Hewitt

What’s the best food you’ve tasted while travelling?

Everything I tried in Rome was absolutely amazing… You can’t go wrong in the land of pizza and ice cream…

What have been your top highlights or achievements in blogging? 

It sounds really lame, but every time I hit publish and someone takes the time to leave a meaningful comment is always an achievement in my eyes. My blogging style is more of a journal which I know isn’t ‘typical’, but knowing I’ve inspired someone is really humbling.

Where are your travels taking you next in 2017?

I am off to Las Vegas for the third year in a row in September, followed by a few days in LA. I still have a few weeks leave to take, so I’m searching through Lucy’s blog in search of inspiration. I’m thinking Bali or Aruba… or both?

Thanks Char for taking part in this Q&A. You can follow Char on instagram, twitter and of course, her blogIf you’re a travel blogger and would like to feature in the Q&A series, please get in touch

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Q&A with Char, Memoir Musings

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