Guest Blogger Q&A: Hadas Aharon, The Fashion Matters

This week in my guest blogger Q&A series, I’m chatting to Hadas Aharon, the founder of the lovely luxury travel and fashion blog The Fashion Matters.

Hopefully you caught my Q&A with Alex of Gingey Bites last week. If not, check it out now! And if you fancy featuring in this series with your own travel blog, give me a shout.

But for now, it’s over to you Hadas.

Blogger Q&A with Hadas, The Fashion Matters

Blogger Q&A The Fashion Matters

Tell us about yourself and your blog.

My name is Hadas Aharon. Originally, I’m from Israel but I have been an expat for the past 2.5 years. I spent one year living in France, and the rest living in the UK in London. My blog, The Fashion Matters, is a luxury travel & fashion blog with lots of recommendations of luxury places to visit, with a particular focus on London.

The Fashion Matters Blogger Q&A

Why did you set up your blog?

After spending some time living abroad, and traveling across Europe, I decided to change my fashion blog to a blog with a focus on luxury travel. I thought it would be more interesting to write about places I visit and what I wore and packed for my travels. I rebranded the blog and started all over again in a more professional manner. I opened the blog to create an outlet in which I could share my travel and experiences.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

I definitely use Instagram the most. I absolutely love it! I invest so much of my time in my Instagram: I plan posts for the next couple of weeks, sometimes a month ahead, I edit my photos and I engage with my followers. My Instagram ‘investment’ has definitely paid off  as I’ve collaborated with brands and hotels solely based on my large Instagram following. I wish I was that successful in the rest of my social media accounts, but I guess it’s better to focus on one.

Blogger Q&A The Fashion Matters

Tell me about your typical week – do you blog full time or part time?

After I graduated from my Masters, six months ago, I started blogging full time because I wanted to focus on developing it and traveling as much as I can. My week is quite busy: scheduling posts, learning SEO and marketing techniques, taking photos, editing videos etc.

What kind of content can readers expect from you?

I focus on luxury travel, which means that you can expect to find recommendations on hotels, rooftop bars, outfit posts and city guides for luxury experiences. Every destination I visit, I make an effort to cover where I stayed, what I wore, and what I did there.

The Fashion Matters Blogger Q&A

What are your favourite blog posts of all time?

I wrote a blog post that took months to put together about the best luxury places to visit in London.

Another one is an article I posted after visiting the exotic African destination, Zanzibar. I wanted to show people how gorgeous this island is and why they have to visit.

Name three of your favourite blogs you like to read.

World of Wanderlust is my absolute favorite! Others are Ohh Couture and Tuula Vintage for their incredible travel photos.

What’s your favourite hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

I loved staying at the luxurious Aria Budapest Hotel. It is a perfect luxury hotel with a music-themed design. Another fun stay was at the Oasis Hotel in Cancun.

The Fashion Matters Blogger Q&A

What have been your favourite 3 destinations you’ve travelled to?

Zanzibar, Mexico and South of France (including Monaco).

Where are your next travels taking you in 2017?

My goal for 2017 is to travel as much as I can. I mainly want to go to Cuba, Miami and Thailand among others.

Thanks Hadas for taking part in this Q&A! If you are a travel blogger and you’d like to feature in the Q&A series, please get in touch.

The Fashion Matters Blogger Q&A