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Do you remember I started a Guest Blogger Q&A a couple of years ago? I thought I’d bring it back as I really enjoy reading about other bloggers and writers – I think it can provide some great inspiration and help you connect with like-minded people. So I’m kicking off my revived blogger series with a chat with Alex from the brilliant Gingey Bites.

Over to you Alex!

Tell us about yourself and your blog

I’m Alex and I live in Bristol. My blog is called Gingey Bites and it’s basically about me being a greedy guts. I write about food I’ve eaten both at home and away on my travels, recipes and basically anything else which piques my interest and revolves around good food!

Alex, Gingey Bites

Alex, Gingey Bites blog

Why did you set up your blog?

I set my blog up in 2012 when I was made redundant. I’ve always loved cooking and discovering new food so when I found out I was losing my job, my mum suggested I start a blog to help fill my time. The rest is history!

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

It irritates me to say this but it’s instagram. These days it’s a nightmare for small bloggers to get anywhere thanks to the changes in its algorithms BUT I just love sharing my pictures and looking at what everyone has been up to. It’s a pretty one and I’m addicted!

Tell me about your typical week – do you blog full-time or part-time?

My blog is part time but I am lucky enough to be able to spend more time on it than perhaps others do because I work for myself as a freelance marketeer so they fit quite nicely alongside each other. A typical week would be me working from home, cafes and the library on rotation. I tend to work from 11-7pm as I’m not an early bird and most of my work is online so I spend a lot of time on my laptop.

Gingey Bites Blog

Gingey Bites on Instagram

What kind of content can readers expect from Gingey Bites?

It’s a mixed bag of opinions, reviews and recipes. I tend to write about things I’ve discovered and really loved but occasionally I’ll throw in a bad review too. I don’t tend to do too much sponsored content as I like to write about what I want. That said, if I like a product or brand, I will write about them too! I think it’s important as a blogger to always be honest and it annoys me when I read blogs full of fake love for the same brand that every other blogger is working for.

What are some of your favourite blog posts of all time?

OOOH that’s a hard one! We just finished 5 months in Melbourne Australia and I got pretty obsessed with brunch. Higher Ground was an amazing place there which I fell in love with so my review of there is definitely up there in my favourites list.

I am also pretty pleased with my Berlin round up. It was such a great trip that writing it after we got home was just really enjoyable.

Gingey Bites blog


Gingey Bites blog

Higher Ground, Melbourne

Name three of the favourite blogs you like to read.

It’s hard to choose three because I love reading all sorts of blogs. For recipes, it has to be my friend Emily’s blog – Recipes and Reviews. She’s the macaron queen!

For lifestyle and general girl-crushing I love Wonderful You. I generally don’t read fashion / beauty blogs because a lot of them are so vacuous and self-involved but not this one. Plus her photography is always stunning.

For travel, I enjoy London Unattached. Aside from all the London content, there is plenty of inspiration for wanderlust AND Fiona always seems to be eating somewhere luxurious!

What’s the best food you’ve ever tasted while travelling?

It’s probably steak in Buenos Aires. It sounds predictable but honestly, every steak I ate there was incredible. The chimichurri is incredible too – peppery and fresh! I can still remember it now and I visited eight years ago!

Although if I can sneak it in, I have to say that the street food in Penang is amazing!

Gingey Bites blog

What are your top 3 travel destinations?

Melbourne in Australia is incredible. It’s a foodie city and has the best of everything – beaches, countryside, a great metro network, street food, coffee, architecture, Asian food, burgers… I could go on!

I really loved my time in Valencia, Spain. It’s a pretty walled city with a really vibrant atmosphere. I have very fond memories of walking between bars at night and drinking aqua de Valencia with an old friend of mine. It was a brilliant trip.

Finally, it has to be Tuscany. My mum and step-dad visit the same place every year and the three kids (myself and siblings) take it in turns to visit. I’ve not been for a few years but will definitely be heading over in 2018. It’s a quiet spot not far from Lucca and the views from the villa are breathtaking. It’s a place to just eat, chill and be happy.

Gingey Bites blog


Where are your next travels taking you in 2017?

We’re just finishing a big adventure which started back in September last year! We’ve been travelling across Australia and South East Asia. Right now we’re in Penang, Malaysia and we heading to Singapore next. Then we’ll be going home for a while and I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and friends. We’re hoping to fit a trip to either Berlin or Marrakech in before Christmas but it all depends on budget!

Thanks Alex for taking part in this Q&A! If you are a travel blogger and you’d like to feature in the Q&A series, please get in touch.

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