12 Things to do at Gibb’s Farm, Tanzania

Gibb’s Farm is a stunning place to kick back and relax, but there are also many things to do during your stay. The hotel runs a daily itinerary of activities, and there are things that families, couples and groups can all enjoy. From baking bread and hiking the Ngorongoro Forest to helping on the farm, here are the top things to do at this stunning retreat.

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Things to do at Gibb’s Farm

Learn to bake bread

If you’re an early bird and you fancy finding your inner baker, you might want to join the morning bread making workshops. Set your alarm early – the lessons start at around 6am. If I hadn’t felt so lazy, I would joined them. A great choice if you have littl’uns and you’re up early. And if you’re more into eating than making bread, the pastries and bread on offer at breakfast here is delicious.

Meet the coffee roaster

If you like coffee, you’ll love Gibbs. All the coffee you drink here is 100% organic and has been grown right on the farm’s doorstep. You’ll be lured into the breakfast room when you hear the sound of the coffee beans being turned in a traditional roaster. Have a chat with the resident coffee roaster about how these beans go from farm to cup.

Gibb's Farm

Meet the resident artist

Robert Aswani is the artist-in-resident at Gibbs Farm and each morning you can see him at work. Born in Western Kenya, Robert’s paintings are bold, vibrant and depict every day scenes from East African life. At Gibb’s Farm, there’s a room dedicated to Robert’s work (in the main cottage, just next to where you see him work) and it’s all available for guests to buy.

Gibb's Farm

Gibb's Farm

Meet the animals on Gibb’s Farm

A short walk past the dining room takes you to Gibbs’ own working farm! At set times each day, you can help milk the cows and watch the swine feeding. Or if you’re not feeling so hands on, just have a wander around – the farm is completely open for guests to go along and meet the animals.

Gibb's Farm

Gibb's Farm

Feed the bush babies

Every night, at around 6pm, the staff at Gibbs leave food out on a platform in the garden for the native bush babies to enjoy. They’re pretty shy, but if you’re lucky, you’ll catch these doe-eyed creatures stop for a quick bite to eat before they disappear back into the vegetation. They’re incredibly cute but you’ll have to take my word for it – they scampered away before I could take a picture!

VIDEO: A tour of Gibb’s Farm

Go hiking

There are a couple of hikes you can do at Gibbs. One of them is the Maasai medicinal walk with Lengare – a trained Maasai doctor – and another is the picturesque walk to ‘Elephant Caves’ – created by elephants ingesting the mineral-rich soil. If you’re feeling energetic, ask about the four hour Ngorongoro Forest Walk to the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater – the largest unbroken caldera in the world.

Gibb's Farm

Attend the evening Tembo Fire

Tembo, means elephant in Swahili, and at Gibb’s Farm, the Tembo Fire is a relaxed meeting place for guests to come in the middle of the vegetable garden. Each night, at 5.30pm, a Maasai healer and naturalist will share stories of tribal folklore, Maasai legends and traditional medicine over a refreshing sundowner. We joined resident Maasai healer Langare, and the following evening, there was a talk held by an Iraqw tribesman (a tribe also from East Africa). It’s a great way to learn more about these fascinating cultures.

Gibb's Farm

Enjoy a community visit

Gibb’s Farm is really passionate about keeping a strong connection with the local community and this immediately shows in the staff they employ and the regular activities they offer involving the local people. Take a bike ride down the long road from Gibb’s to the town of Karatu, passing local houses and villages along the way. They can also arrange a visit to a local school and regularly hold volleyball games and other events within the community.

Gibb's Farm

Go on safari

Gibbs Farm is a great place to stay if you want to go on a game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater. If you fancy seeing more of Tanzania’s greatest wildlife, you can also take safari trips to Lake Manyara and the Serengeti National Park.

Ngorongoro Crater

Take a Garden Tour

Around 95% of the food at Gibb’s Farm is produced onsite and that includes the beautifully fresh fruit and vegetables that are served here every day. Take a garden tour and help the Gibb’s Farm team pick the best fruit, vegetables and herbs for the chef’s menu. You’ll learn how to pick the ripest fruit, what’s in season and the work that goes into being a self-sufficient hotel and farm.

Gibb's Farm

Exercise around the grounds

With a coffee plantation, extensive gardens and forest reserve, Gibb’s is a great place to stretch the legs and get active. We spotted a few guests in their running gear and taking a leisurely morning jog before breakfast. If you’re feeling inclined to get fit, this is a beautiful place to do it.

Gibb's Farm


You can come to Gibb’s Farm to get very active, but you can also come here simply to relax. During our visit, there were so many temptations to just kick back and relax, in the way of valley-facing sun chairs, plentiful benches and a gorgeous day bed. Not to mention our sun-soaked verandah complete with comfy chairs. Gibb’s Farm is dubbed a ‘sanctuary for the senses’ and when you get here and feel your shoulders relax and your mind empty of stress, you’ll see why.

Gibb's Farm

Gibb's Farm

Have you been to Gibb’s Farm or somewhere similar? Let me know your stories and feel free to leave a comment below!

Oh So London was a guest at Gibb's Farm with food and accommodation covered as part of this review but all views expressed here are my own. For more information visit GibbsFarm.com and follow Gibb's Farm on Facebook.


  1. 16th December 2016 / 10:02 am

    I love places like this!! So much more than just a place to stay. I’d love meeting the coffee roaster and going on the garden tour.

    • 18th December 2016 / 6:42 am

      Me too! It was such a treat to stay here, I loved how they involved their guests in different parts of the farm, it made our stay feel very homely.