Reasons to Stay at Sausage Tree Camp, Zambia

If you’ve read this piece, you’ll have hopefully got a taste of what it was like to stay at Sausage Tree Camp in the Lower Zambezi.

And while this is not a ‘pack and get ready to go next week’ kind of place (it comes with quite a steep price tag), this chic bush camp should be firmly on your radar, if you’re planning that once-in-a-lifetime safari trip.

Here are 5 reasons why…

Reasons to Stay at Sausage Tree Camp, Zambia

Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp

The setting is incredible

We have to start with the setting. Located in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park, this is a part of Africa that feels ultra-remote and spectacularly wild. It’s also so exclusive that I’m worried no other safari experience will ever match it! The Lower Zambezi National Park is a vast protected area with very few inhabitants, apart from a few villages upstream. The handful of luxury safari camps that you do find here, are very subtly nestled along the river so you feel as though you’re the only people here.

In the mornings, you watch the sun rise and sunset over the spectacular Zambezi river. And the sights you see when you explore the African savannah and woodland are sensational. Picture this: otherworldly termite mounds, decades-old leadwood trees, copper-red earth and watering holes abundant with wildlife.


pic credit: Sausage Tree Camp

The wildlife is second to none

The location of Sausage Tree offers you the best of both worlds when you are exploring the wildlife. Watching roaming elephants and bathing hippos in their natural habitat on the Zambezi becomes a normal part of your day. And when it comes to game drives, the vast Lower Zambezi National Park is teeming with a myriad of plant and animal species.

It goes without saying, if you love elephants, you must go on a safari to Sausage Tree Camp! Hundreds of African elephants thrive in the bush here and you will encounter different behaviours and different scenes every day. Watch out for a separate post coming up on these beautiful animals.

Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp

Each guest is appointed their own Muchinda

When you arrive at Sausage Tree Camp, you are introduced to your own personal butler, or ‘muchinda’, who takes care of your morning wake-up calls, your dinner orders, refills your mini-bar, delivers your clean laundry and generally makes sure your luxury safari tent is kept spic and span. Our muchinda, Arnold was a true gent and one evening, he set up a private candle-lit dinner for us on our decking and spelled out ‘enjoy your dinner’ in leaves.  Another night, after I returned from a night game drive, he had run me a bubble bath. I walked into the bathroom to find tealights and petals around the bathroom. In short, he completely spoiled us.

Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp

The camp offers a fantastic range of activities

The activities you can get involved in at Sausage Tree Camp doesn’t stop at game drives. There is so much to do, you will never get bored here.

As the camp is right on the edge of the Zambezi river, guests have the option to also take a water safari where you can spot hippos, crocodiles and an abundance of birdlife from the river. If you’re lucky, you may also spot some of the Big Five.

If you’re feeling brave, and want to really get a sense of how big the Zambezi river is, take a canoe trip. Paddling past hippos and some of Africa’s greatest wildlife on the banks of the river is one of the most exhilarating things you can ever do on safari. Hearing a lion’s roar from across the river was also one of the most spine-tingling experiences I’ve ever had.


Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp

This mighty river is teeming with fish, and one of the most relaxing activities you can do here is go fishing. Sausage Tree Camp runs catch-and-release fishing trips where your guide will take you out on a boat and challenge you to catch the biggest tiger fish! If all that sounds too taxing, you can simply take a sunset cruise and enjoy the river views with your favourite sundowner.

Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp

And finally, you’re in Zambia, home of the best walking safaris in Africa. So if you are feeling really brave, explore the bush on foot!

It’s filled with special moments

Whether you’re in search of an unforgettable honeymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday with your friends or spectacular wildlife experience, Sausage Tree Camp manages to deliver special moments every day of your stay. One day we were whisked off to an island for a delicious lunch on a nearby island. One evening, our guide Alex laid out our morning coffee break – mid game drive – at the most breathtaking lookout point by the river. On another, we enjoyed sundowners from the boat as we watched elephants graze in front of a big red African sunset. The combination of slick service and incredible wildlife means there are wow moments at every turn.

Reasons to stay at Sausage Tree Camp, Zambia

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Sausage Tree Camp, Zambia

Our visit to Sausage Tree Camp was a media stay for a national publication, hosted by The Luxury Safari Company. All views here are my own. Find out more by following The Luxury Safari Company on Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.