A Little Note About This Travel Blog

So, this is where I say hello world and welcome to The Travel Journo – a Lifestyle, Food and Travel Blog where you will find all things, er, lifestyle, food and travel!

I started this blog initially as Oh So London and focused on writing about things you can see, eat and do in London. I wrote about everything from greasy spoons to uber-chic dining and fitness classes to where to get the best massage or facial. And in 2015, I even branched out to create a wedding blog.

But as our careers evolve, so do our little corners of the internet. And that’s why these days (yes I’ve updated this post since I wrote it in 2013), this blog has become about more than just London. It’s become a lifestyle, food and travel blog to include the myriad adventures I take around the UK and the rest of the world as a travel writer and journalist.

So in 2017, this blog underwent a little make-over and became The Travel Journo.

Travel Blog Oh So London

My career as a journalist has taken many directions. I’ve gone from being a newspaper reporter and feature writer to working for women’s magazines and travel companies. Now, I’m living the dream (my dream anyway) as a travel writer, and I hope to share all of my global adventures with you on this travel blog.

Since moving to London in 2010, my travel writing has taken me to Malaysia, Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and many parts of Europe. And at the end of 2016, I took an epic three month trip through Africa. So watch this space for many more travel posts on Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.

My career is incredibly varied. One day I could be doing copywriting for a travel client, the next I could be writing a online destination guide. While other days I am off on my next press trip, or furiously trying to meet a deadline.

Anyway, you can shoot over to my About page to find out more about my journalism and travel writing. But until then, enjoy the website, or drop me an email at Lucy_McGuire@hotmail.co.uk – I’m always on the look out to connect with new travel writers, readers and bloggers.