What is it like to fly Royal Silk Class with Thai Airways?

Flying Business varies so much between airlines. While one can feel like being in a five star hotel, another may feel more like a three or four. Everything from the level of service, to the drinks you receive onboard and the toiletries you get in the washbag changes between airlines. So here’s a summary of my experience with flying Royal Silk Class with Thai Airways, on a recent trip from Heathrow to Bangkok.

The Greeting

The arrival into Royal Silk Class, like many airways comes with the choice of tropical juice or champagne. While the website says you are offered pressed Thai butterfly pea blossoms, I recall being served a variety of nuts which were pretty good. I was impressed with the friendliness and attentiveness during the beginning of our flight. We were told we had to drink up as they obviously don’t allow you to sip on your champagne for take off. But they made sure they came back to top our glasses up once we were airborne which was nice.

What is it like to fly Royal Silk Class with Thai Airways?

The Seating

The best part about flying Royal Silk Class is by far, the amount of space you get to relax. The seats have electronic controls which allow you to recline your seat to varying degrees and if you are flying on an A380, 77B or 787,the seat will eventually turn into a completely flat bed, allowing you to catch up on some sleep. You don’t get a duvet, but you do get a nice thick blanket and pillow. What I particularly like about the Royal Silk Class seats is they are quite private. They don’t quite have the cocoon feel that airlines such as British Airways may have with the use of a screen, but you can definitely feel like you have your own private space if you don’t want to chat to your neighbour.

What is it like to fly Royal Silk Class with Thai Airways?

The Meals

While I didn’t get first choice for my meals and I didn’t really like the starter, the food was generally good. It wasn’t quite the level I have experienced in other Business Class airlines but it had flavour, was presented really well and came with the service you expect from a business class flight. The majority of the menu is Thai (as expected) so let’s hope you like Thai food! But they will obviously cater for dietary requirements as needed. What also makes a difference is if you fancy a drink or any kind of liqueur outside of meal service, you know you will get it in Business. There’s nothing like having a cuppa from a china cup in the sky.

The Entertainment

The entertainmen on Royal Silk Class is great and the touch screens worked – hoorah! I have been on various flights where you have to prod again and again to get the in-flight entertainment to work. They had all the latest films, so I happily sat and watched the film Joy before nodding off to sleep. There’s also a great selection of magazines onboard and there’s THAI Sky Connect in-flight Wi-Fi, but I couldn’t actually get it to work.

When we arrived in Bangkok, I felt worlds better than I usually do when I’ve been on an 11-hour flight. I wouldn’t say that Royal Silk Class is as sleek or modern as some of the other airlines but the comfort, attentive service (very lovely staff) and overall pleasant experience made a huge difference to the journey. I would recommend it – if your budget allows it – when planning a trip to Thailand.

Until next time x

This flight was a part of a media trip with The Thai Tourist Board to Bangkok and Eastern Thailand. All views expressed here are my own. For more information about Thai Airways and flying with Royal Silk Class, visit ThaiAirways.com and follow them on instagram, twitter and Facebook.