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After dining at Le Cinq, we didn’t think any restaurant could come close to the complexity of flavours and artistic flair we’d experienced from Christian Le Squer. But when we enjoyed lunch at Le George, the second restaurant at The Four Seasons George V Paris, we were taken on yet another outstanding culinary journey.

Le George, Paris

The Setting

Le George restaurant is a touch more informal and has a lighter and airier feel than Le Cinq. However it is equally opulent. Think circular tables and upholstered wing chairs, white leather armchair seating, impressive vaulted ceilings and natural light flooding in from the hotel’s Marble Courtyard. During our visit, we were also in awe of the contemporary lily displays by Jeff Leatham. It’s a gorgeous setting.

George V Paris, Four Seasons

The Chef

Marco Garfagnini leads the kitchen at Le George with Christian Le Squer overseeing everything. The Tuscan chef fuses flavours from the French Riviera and Northern Italy to create a menu of sharing plates that exude Mediterranean flair. They’re fresh and light, with a nod to healthy living. (That’s not to say it’s devoid of seriously naughty desserts, which you can scroll down to at the end of this post. Phew.)

The Highlights

Here are the highlights of Le George:

The Bread

I try not to delve too much into bread when you know you have a fine meal ahead of you. But when it’s this good, you just can’t help it. At Le George, you can expect Parmesan ‘crisps’ that offer deep and moreish flavours, focaccia that’s infused with amazingly fragrant rosemary and light-as-can-be brioche, mozzarella and tomato tartlets. Divine.

Le George, Paris

Onion tart with ice cream

‘Why have we skipped to dessert?’ you might ask. We haven’t. If you read my piece on Le Cinq, you’ll have heard about the deconstructed French soup that they serve, that translates to a sweet and sticky caramelised onion infused with creamy deliciousness. That’s what we almost have here, except this is Garfagnini’s take on a tarte tatin. So it’s served on a deliciously buttery pastry with a rich Parmesan sorbet on the side. And yes, it so works.

Le George, Paris

Roasted Dublin Bay Prawns

The Roasted Dublin Bay Prawns were a talking point when I arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel. Moments after we’d stepped through the lobby of George V, a member of the marketing team was telling us about this delicious highlight served at both Le Cinq and Le George. They are plump, juicy and yes, they are a highlight. Garfagnini serves them with a light citrus and mustard sauce.

Le George, Paris

We were also served a fantastic bowl of spinach topped with truffle-oil and more plump prawns on the side.

Le George, Paris

Guinea fowl ravioli with Parmesan and truffle

I don’t think there’s enough truffle in the world and anyone who says it’s overrated is quite simply wrong. I’m saying this because the combination of Parmesan and truffle with these parcels of guinea fowl was simply delicious. Who knew such petite morsels could be so pleasing on the palate.

Le George, Paris

Crudo and semi-cooked fish

The term ‘crudo’ simply means raw in Italian. So this Yellotail Kingfish crudo with lemon is a bit like the ceviche or the sushi of the Italian world. The lemon was so tangy, these were one of my favourite things on the menu. Similarly, the semi-cooked red tuna and black truffle petals were rich, smoky and melt-in-the-mouth good.

Le George, Paris

Baby goat

Mr C was very excited about the prospect of trying baby goat. He’s had plenty of Caribbean curried goat and mutton but never tried the bambino version. He admitted it wasn’t quite what he’d expected in terms of flavour, but he was very impressed that it had been cooked for 36 hours, resulting in an achingly tender piece of meat that would get any carnivore salivating.

Le George, Paris

Roasted Sole with basil and vinegar sauce

Being the fish lover that I am, the Roasted Sole with basil and vinegar sauce was right up my street. I’m tempted to say there was a hint of chili in there, as I detected quite a fiery kick. The flakes of meat were gorgeous and the sauces which were served on the side (I believe they were fennel and celeriac) were enviously good (I wish I could recreate such deliciousness). With a crisp rose on my side and a glass of Gevrey-Chamberlin for the hubby, we were two very happy diners.

Le George, Paris

Divine Desserts

As this was a take on the flavours menu at Le George, we had three desserts to try. The first was a cheese crème brulee (genius, right?) with mandarin sorbet. I think you can imagine how good this tasted. If you like cheesecake and you like the crunchy caramelised top of a crème brulee, this is your heaven. The tangy citrus sorbet brought in a contrast of flavours. There’s one word for this – Love.

Le George, Paris

The confit apple was equally fantastic and there was a irresistible marriage of flavours with the vanilla ice-cream and ginger biscuit. The salted caramel was the cherry on the top of the cake. It was salty, sweet, gooey and ever so naughty.

Le George, Paris

Le George, Paris

I think it’s safe to say, we’d go back to Le George in a heartbeat.

Until next time x

Have you been to Four Seasons Paris? If so, let me know your thoughts – would love to hear from you.

Thank you to Four Seasons Hotel Paris Le George V for hosting us at Le George restaurant. All views here are my own. For more information, visit the Four Seasons website.

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