My Wedding Traditions: Something Old, Something New…

Oh So Hitched

I threw away many wedding traditions for our marriage in Jamaica (I had no bridesmaids, there was no real dresscode, Mr C and I saw each other on our wedding morning). But there’s one of the many wedding traditions I wanted to follow, and that was to add ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue’ into my wedding day.

So here they are:

Something Old

My something old was a necklace that my grandma – my ‘Nanny’ – wore on her wedding day in 1946. It’s a beautiful moonstone necklace that my grandad bought for her in Columbo, when he was in the Navy. The most exciting bit is that when my mum gave it to me to wear, it was still in the original box, complete with a hand written receipt with all the details on it. My Nanny and Grandad have now sadly passed away but I think they’d have been quite pleased to know I wore it as my ‘something old’ on my wedding day. My mum had the chain mended and our photographer Adrian, took so many pictures of it while I was getting ready, including some lovely shots of my mum putting the necklace on for me. I even managed to get some tiny moonstone earrings to match and it brought a vintage edge to my lovely Sanyukta Shrestha dress.

Wedding Traditions Oh So Hitched

Something New

I’m not really sure what brides usually wear for their Something New but I considered my new Tori Burch sandals to be my perfect ‘something new’. As we were having a beach wedding, I knew that heels would be a big no no and as Half Moon Beach was a wild and unpreened little place (especially after the mini downpours I told you about), wedges were the perfect footwear solution – especially when it came to jumping the puddles!. I found these shoes in the Selfridges sale last summer and loved them straight away. I love the colour blue (so they could also be my something blue) but I knew they were the kind of shoe I could carry on wearing after the wedding too. Plus they’re called Lucia – they were meant to be mine!

Oh So Hitched Wedding Traditions

Something Borrowed

In the lead up to my wedding, my sister Helen gave me a little heart mirror which she carried in her purse on her own wedding day. She wanted me to use it on my day, so there we go – I had my Something Borrowed! As she couldn’t come with us to Jamaica, I also had a little reminder of my sister with me throughout the day.

Oh So Hitched Wedding Traditions

Something Blue

This could have been my Something Borrowed but when my sister passed this on from her wedding day, it later become my Something Blue – it’s my mum’s garter from her wedding in 1976! You can get all sorts of elaborate garters these days but there was no way I was going to buy a new one over this ‘heirloom’ from the 70s! I wonder if any of the next generation of ladies in our family will wear it in future years!

Oh So Hitched Wedding Traditions

In the whole wedding planning process, I was determined to break all wedding traditions but the SOSNSBSB tradition became one of the things I enjoyed most and I think every bride should embrace.

Until next time x