Water resistant mascara – Review of 4 of the best

One of my biggest challenges when I was planning my make-up for my wedding in Jamaica, was to find a water resistant mascara that gave me perfect lashes, yet also survived the sticky Caribbean climate and most importantly, my tears.

It’s a good job I did my research on waterproof and water resistant mascara ahead of my big day, because boy, did I need to. As I read my vows on my wedding day, the tears poured. And poured. Here are the results from four of the top waterproof and water-resistant mascaras I found. I’ll tell you which one made the cut at the end!

Water Resistant Mascara – Top 4 Reviewed

Aqua Force Defining Mascara – Waterproof Defining – £11


The ingredients in the Aqua Force Defining Mascara, I’m told, include bamboo, rice wax and olive wax, which all help condition the lashes. So, on this alone, I was almost sold.

When it came to the application, the mascara wand had a slim brush so was quite good for lengthening and defining individual lashes, however it didn’t really have the ‘va va voom’ style volume that I look for, which was a little disappointing. And when I tried to build the volume up with more than one layer, it did start to get a bit clumpy.

When it came to the water test, this mascara might be resistant to a tear or two, but really didn’t have the staying power that you might need if you’re going swimming or having a good old wedding day cry!

Verdict: This water resistant mascara was fine for wearing during the day on the beach and will probably stay in my make-up bag now I’m home, but didn’t have the staying power I was looking for.

Score: 6/10

Wedding day waterproof mascara review AquaForce

WunderExtensions Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara – £19.95


This water resistant mascara works using ‘Dual Formula Technology’ and features two chambers in the tube that are said to combine volumising and hydrating properties. All very technical stuff.

On application, the WunderExtensions mascara had a good volumising wand and started off thickening the lashes, however I have to say, it felt very dry and so after a few sweeps, my lashes started to go a little bit ‘fluffy’ and unruly.

When it came to the splash test, this mascara seemed to come off in flakes which wasn’t an attractive look when I wore it swimming in the sea. But it did take a lot to get this mascara off completely. In future, I should perhaps invest in some special waterproof mascara remover, because I really struggled with this one, even when I used oil. I’m not sure you’d want to wear it for three days (They said it will last that long) but there’s no doubt, it has some serious staying power.

Verdict: I’m not sure this is going to give me perfect lashes, but it’s pretty good for a quick sweep-and-go when you’re in a rush – and don’t mind spending a long time trying to remove it!

Score 5/10

Wedding day waterproof mascara review WunderExtensions

They’re Real! Benefit Mascara – £19.50


I love Benefit cosmetics so I was expecting big things from this mascara. Its big talking point is its ‘big lash’ effect rather than its waterproof properties. That said, I thought I’d put its smudge-free claims to the test.

The application is initially really nice. It feels glossy and moisturising and the brush is bendy with a pointed dome end to it to allow you to get to the tiniest lashes in the corner of your eye.

At first, it gives you quite luscious and thick lashes – and I was particularly impressed with how long and defined my bottom eye lashes looked. But you have to be careful because once you start layering up, it quickly sticks your lashes together. So you have to act quick!

When it came to the splash test, the Benefit mascara didn’t have the staying power of the others I tried. And once it gets on your skin, it’s quite hard to remove.

Verdict: I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a mascara that will give you luscious lashes in one swoop (and I would probably score it more highly if we were judging on volume alone). But I wouldn’t wear it if you’re going to be a teary bride!

Score 6/10

Wedding day waterproof mascara review WunderExtensions

High Volume Mascara by Trish McEvoy – £22.50


I was initially drawn in by the amazing description of this mascara, when I got talking to a lady at the make-up counter in Selfridges. Based on a unique technology, this water resistant mascara wraps a silicon ‘tube’ around each lash which is said to be volumising and waterproof for up to 24 hours.

On application, the mascara itself feels lovely and smooth. The wand and brush are super skinny so they work at reaching the smallest lashes. It does succeed in making them appear very long, but I have to say, there wasn’t much volume in it for me.

When it comes to the splash test, this is a weird one. The only thing that is said to remove this mascara, is warm water, which you’re supposed to douse your eyes in. The mascara then ‘slides’ off your lashes in pieces without leaving a trace. It certainly does what it says on the tin but I have to say, in the lead up to my wedding, I was caught out when I was watching a sad film and when I started crying, the mascara started stinging in my eyes so it’s not quite as water resistant as they make out!

Verdict: The Trish McEvoy waterproof mascara wins on innovation and lengthening but not so much volume. I’m holding on to this mascara for days when I go swimming and need a smudge-free lash because it does have good staying power. Just make sure you don’t ball your eyes out as it might sting a bit!

Score 7/10

Wedding waterproof Mascara review

Which one did I go for on my wedding day?

After trialling and testing the above four mascaras, I went for the Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara on my wedding day. The reason for this is, I actually had some semi-permanent lashes put on to give me the fullness I needed and this was great for simply adding a bit of definition and giving my lashes a luxurious and glossy feel. On the day, I cried quite a bit and there was minimal smudge on my face. If I didn’t have the extensions, the Aqua Force mascara would probably have been my next choice.

Until next time x

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All water resistant mascara in this post was gifted as part of the review. All views here are my own.