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This week, I’m introducing you to Cherry Collins, the Creative Director of fashion app Grabble. She tells us how she got into a fashion career, what she likes about her job and what her perfect capsule wardrobe would look like.

Hi Cherry. Tell us about yourself and your career…

Hi. After spending almost a decade working within the fashion industry doing everything from print design to styling, I am now the Creative Director of Grabble –  a new mobile shopping app, which I joined in 2015. My job is to understand what will appeal to our customers and how the concepts I create will be applied and distributed. I am responsible for developing and refining all of the app’s curated content.

Cherry Collins Creative Director Grabble

How did you become Creative Director?

I studied fashion surface textiles at London College of Fashion. Throughout my degree, I interned at all my favourite magazines and very quickly realised that I wanted to be a stylist. I left my first print design job to go and work at Grazia, before moving to Selfridges, followed by Net-a-Porter. With a growing passion to bring innovation to M-Commerce, I joined Grabble as Fashion Director. I’m now the creative force behind their new mobile shopping platform.

Tell us about Grabble, how does it work?

Grabble offers a curated feed of the best products fashion currently has to offer – be it high end or high street.  We allow you to ‘Grab’ or throw products into a virtual wardrobe and the more you interact, the more we can learn about your style.  All your Grabbed items are stored in your own personal space and we alert you when they go down in price.  In addition to this, we have my favourite section – Collections.  Three times a week we show you styled collections that act as a shoppable magazine; we detail the latest trends, how to wear them and show you relevant style icons.

Cherry Collins Grabble App

How is it different to other online shopping sites and apps?

At Grabble, we wholeheartedly believe that discovering and purchasing fashion from your mobile should be as simple and easy as possible – a purchase is just one click away.  Time is valuable but that shouldn’t compromise your being able to look great.

We embrace the way our consumers live and work because it’s how we live and work. We want Grabble to be part of the carousel of the average twenty to thirty-something’s daily life.  You wake up, check Instagram, pay for a coffee with Apple pay, plug in your headphones and listen to Spotify. Grabble fits your lifestyle, giving you both the expert inspiration and guidance that you crave, then it enables you to seamlessly go and shop for things that have caught your eye.

What is your typical day like?

My day-to-day role involves overseeing a team of stylists who curate and manage our fashion feed and collections, which can be filtered according to price, brand, category and style. I’m also responsible for planning the app’s editorial content and marketing emails.

What do you like most about your job?

I’m lucky that working for a start-up means you get to be involved in a little bit of everything – no one day is the same in our office, genuinely.  I can be putting together emails, creating collections, discovering new brands, attending press days, meeting with other stylists, or assisting with an event.  The list is never ending, but that’s what keeps my job so exciting and rewarding!

What do you like most about the fashion industry?

I love that it’s constantly changing. In the same way that tech is super innovative and fast moving, so is the fashion industry.  I like that you can express exactly how you’re feeling on any given day just by changing the way you’re dressed.

What are your thoughts on the future of online shopping? 

I think Grabble has proven how much consumers are moving away from online shopping (as in from their PCs and laptops) and on to mobile.  Grabble enables users to purchase from a curated feed with one simple tap from a mobile.

Cherry Colllins Grabble

What’s your wardrobe like and what are your staple work outfits?

I like to feel comfortable but definitely in work mode, so I’ll usually wear a slightly oversize knit from Iris & Ink or Uniqlo with tailored, cropped pants from COS and heels from Nicholas Kirkwood, Aquazurra or Marni.

Do you believe in capsule wardrobes?

Yes, it’s something I feel like I’m constantly trying to achieve myself! I love the idea of having a capsule collection that I can mix and match with trend lead pieces. The dream would be to own a Stella McCartney coat and pair of trousers, a cashmere and silk sweater from The Row, a Chloe blazer,  Alia pair of heels and a Balenciaga shoulder bag that I could wear with Topshop, Zara and H&M.

What are the toughest things about your job?

In previous jobs I’ve been used to working with strict perimeters, you had a project and you stuck to the brief until submission. The hardest thing to get used to now is realising that you can’t do everything in a day.  Quite often I’ll have an idea and want to jump straight in and do everything, but you still have to plan carefully and map everything out.

What are the most rewarding things about your job?

I love the challenges my job presents. With a background in fashion, I’m still very much learning when it comes to technology. I like that our team is formed of people from all different backgrounds, from all over the world. There are so many skills to be learnt from one another and no day is the same.

What advice would you give anyone looking to get into the fashion and/or online business?

Remain focused, keep a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve and where you want to be. Other than that, be nice and play fair.

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