Beauty: Review of Diamond Whites Teeth Whitening Kit


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There are so many blogs, websites and column inches out there telling us the different ways to get the perfect smile. From rubbing coconut oil on your teeth, to eating strawberries and putting baking soda on your toothbrush, the mission to have the whitest teeth has never been so big.

When it comes to home teeth whitening kits, the quality can vary massively. I tried a home teeth whitening kit by Diamond Whites in the lead up to my wedding and I thought I’d share my thoughts.

The Diamond Whites Teeth Whitening Kit – should you buy it?

Diamond Whites teeth whitening
I’ve used teeth whitening kits that require you to keep the tooth mould in your mouth for up to two hours, which let me tell you, can be agonising.

So it was a relief to find that the Diamond Whites kit only takes 20-30 minutes.

The second advantage of using this method is it’s a non-peroxide formula. That means that unlike the high peroxide (bleach) formulas, you don’t have to worry about a horrendous stinging sensation around your teeth and gums (and potential damage to your tooth enamel).

The third positive is that at £39.99, it’s really affordable. Most teeth whitening services at the dentist cost £100 and upwards. Phew.


Does it work?

But now for the most important question – does it actually work? In a nutshell – with perseverance, yes.

I tried out the home teeth whitening kit over the space of around two weeks and found that while my teeth weren’t quite on a par with the TOWIE dazzle (not the look I was going for tbh), the staining on my teeth caused by my two vices – tea and coffee – was noticeably reduced. The instructions tell you to place the mouth trays in hot water until they go soft so you can then create a bespoke mould to fit your teeth. Personally I don’t think this works and luckily, I had a bespoke mouth tray I’d paid for from the dentist so would recommend you do this if you’re taking your teeth whitening seriously!

Mouth tray aside, the formula – as I say – is easy to use as it doesn’t sting (the formula contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide). And once you’ve brushed your teeth with the activator spray, you then fill the mouth tray with the formula and let it do its work. For maximum effect, it’s advised you purchase the LED light. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to hold it in your mouth for 30 minutes and takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s a small price to pay and all that…

After the 30 minutes is up, you remove the mouth tray and LED light and then rinse with water, before brushing your teeth with the special whitening toothpaste.


Does it last?

After two weeks’ of use, I found it scrubbed my teeth up quite well and as I say, helped remove some stains.

The results don’t last forever (especially with my tea and coffee addiction). But if you have a good toothcare routine, this kit certainly gives you a good start if you can’t afford the professional laser treatments.

The kit also includes a whitening pen, which you can apply for 10 minutes as a quick ‘top up’ before you go out.

Diamond Whites teeth whitening

As I say, teeth whitening like this takes time and perseverance. But it’s great value for money and pays off if you put in the work! (And stay off the lattes).

Thank you to Diamond Whites for providing their home teeth whitening kit for review purposes. Opinions here are my own. For more information visit and follow them on instagramFacebook and twitter.