Five Dresses, Five Wedding Workouts with Barreworks, London

Barre or ballet based dance classes are huge in the fitness world right now. And when Barreworks contacted me with three fitness solutions to help you feel confident on your wedding day, I thought I’d share them.

A little bit about Barreworks and other barre based fitness: They’re designed to work out your whole body with low impact, high intensity movements that help to ‘lift bottoms, trim thighs and define arms’. And because the classes work towards increased muscle mass and metabolic rate, I’m told you will even burn calories at rest. What’s more, it’s said to help posture, which is always going to be good when you’re preparing to have all eyes upon you on your wedding day.

Convinced? If so, here are three different wedding dress styles followed by three Barreworks work outs to help you feel your tip top best while you’re wearing them.

Wedding fit with Barreworks London

  1. Seductive silk: You should feel like a goddess if you’re wearing silk on your wedding day, but it can be clingy so here are Barreworks’ tips for achieveing the ‘perfect posterior’:

Solution: Work those glutes

  • Assume a kneeling position on your hands and knees
  • With power, but control, sweep each leg back until you feel your gluteals contract
  • Hold briefly before lowering your knee back down and repeating
  • Start by doing four sets of 30 repetitions
  • If you need more of a challenge, alternate between pointed toes and flexed toes for a deeper gluteal contraction
wedding fit with Barreworks London

© Barreworks London

2. Off the shoulder:  A classic design that demands the perfect décolletage…

Solution: Perfect press-ups

  • Begin on your hands and knees with your back flat and straight making sure that your hands line up to your bust rather than your shoulders to pinpoint your pectorals
  • Hold your tummy muscles tight and keep your back straight while you lower yourself until your chest nearly touches the floor, then return to your starting position by pushing up
  • Aim for four sets of 10 repetitions

3. Spaghetti straps: Delicate and pretty but demand toned upper arms

Solution: Upper Arm Tighteners

  • Set your feet a few inches apart, one in front of the other
  • Step the ball of the rear foot onto a resistance theraband to hold it firmly to the floor.
  • Use your arms to hold the other end of the theraband above your head.
  • Perform a deep plié by bending your legs but keeping your back upright and straight, while extending your arms upwards above your head
  • Aim to complete three sets of 15 repetitions each time you workout
© Barreworks London

© Barreworks London

4. Above the knee: This refreshing length is cute, quirky and becoming increasingly popular but to feel good, you need calves like a ballerina.

Solution: Calf raises/relévés

  • Start with your feet in parallel, rise up onto the ball of your foot. Lower your heel firmly back to the floor. Repeat slowly, with full control (neither rolling in or out on the toes) around 10-15 times. On the final relévé, keep your heels raised and perform tiny up/down movements, another 10-15 should do the trick.
  • Repeat the above in ballet first position, heels together, with an outward rotation from the top of the thigh down to the toes.

Jenny Packham

 5. Scooped back: More and more dresses are taking on the sexy backless look but it means you need to feel super confident about how you look from behind!

Solution: Prone back extensions

  • Lay on your front with your chest on the floor
  • Place your finger tips to temples, keep your feet held to the floor and gently use your back extensors to lift your torso off the floor
  • Lay yourself back down with control and repeat 10 to 15 times
  • Top tip: Be aware of how naturally flexible your own spine is, being careful not to over-arch when you lift up.

Barreworks London

Helpful? Let me know what you think and if you want to visit a Barreworks class, you can find out more at You can also take online classes here.

Until next time x