Tips for doing your own wedding make-up – advice from Mollie Whichello

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As I’m getting married overseas in Jamaica, I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to hire a make-up artist in the Caribbean for my big day, or to just brave it and do my wedding make-up myself. So I decided to call on freelance make-up artist Mollie Whichello for her advice.

As you would need at least one trial with a professional make-up artist before your wedding, it just doesn’t make sense for me to hire someone in the Caribbean. I wasn’t willing to chance it and just book someone, in the hope I liked their style. And I’m certainly not in the position to fly my own beauty team out there! So booking in a wedding make-up lesson with Mollie to learn some tips and techniques, seemed like the best place to start.

wedding make-up Mollie Whichello

You may have already read about the lovely Mollie Whichello in my recent massage review on Oh So London. While she provides a wide range of spa and beauty therapies, she is also a professional make-up artist and has made over many brides during her career.

While she works part time from her small studio in North London, you can also visit her two days a week from her studio at the Harley Street Skin Clinic. If like me, you’d rather have her visit you at home, she will do that too, which is fantastic if you’re short for time and want to slot it into your day.

After niftily unpacking her silver suitcase, Mollie spread out an impressive variety of foundations, blushers, eye shadows, brushes and other wedding make-up essentials.

Mollie Whichello wedding make-up

If you want to know her top wedding make-up tips, scroll down to the video where Mollie shares her expert advice. And if you’re keen to know the details of how she did my bridal make-over, read the tips within my step-by-step guide.

  1. Start with Primers

If you haven’t already heard about them, primers are huge right now. You can use them on top of a moisturiser or more often than not, you can use them alone. They create the perfect base on your skin before you start applying make-up and improve the overall ‘staying power’ – which is great news for brides like me getting married in a humid climate.

Mollie started with an oil-free Laura Mercier foundation primer (oil-free is great if you are getting married in a hot climate) which was my own and then applied a separate eye primer (she used this one by MAC) which is great for prolonging your eyeshadow.

Mollie Whichello make-up

TOP TIP: Use an eye primer to prolong the staying power of your eyeshadow

  1. Do the eyes before the face

I’ve spoken to a couple of make-up artists and they all say the same thing – Do your eye make-up first. Then if there’s any ‘fall out’ (ie stray eye shadow that falls on your skin) you don’t have to worry about reapplying your foundation.

Mollie Whichello has a signature style to how she does her eyeshadow. She likes bold and striking colours and I was amazed at her attention to detail at this point. After applying the eye primer, she applied a light nude base followed by a dark brown – from the MAC and Kiko ranges. At first, she applied this in an inverted triangular shape at the corner of the eyelid using a short brush, which she then blended over the lid. She then applied a dusting of burnt gold which she swept over the lid from the corner using a larger blending brush (gold is good for accentuating grey and blue-coloured eyes). It created a gorgeous shimmer effect which Mollie thought was very Studio 54! She then applied a subtle eyeline effect to accentuate the eyes further, using a soft brown powder which she blended, once again. Finally, she applied the L’Oreal Volume Million mascara. The key things I learnt from this, were the importance of buying a good set of brushes, and the importance of blending.

TOP TIP: When it comes to your eyeshadow, blend, blend blend!

wedding make-up tips Mollie Whichello

  1. Accentuate your eyebrows

I personally think that your eyebrows have a huge effect on your overall look. And it’s important to accentuate your eyebrows when you do your wedding make-up too, so that they show up in your wedding photography.

Mollie applied a pro-long wear MAC concealer underneath and above my eyebrows to help them stand out. If you want a more natural look, you may not need to do this. But for brides who love their brows, it may be worth considering!

Using a definition brush, she then applied two shades of brown from a MAC palette to each brow and blended it in until she had the desired effect. She also used a brow brush to sweep the colour upwards and avoid any obvious lines. If you apply too much and go too dark, don’t fret – take some moisturiser on a cotton bud and gently remove and then reapply.

TOP TIP: Apply pro-long concealer around the eyebrows to define

  1. Apply your foundation

After Mollie had worked on my eyebrows, she then added concealer to my under-eye area and any other parts of my face which were blemished or had slightly reddened skin. She then applied a Face and Body Foundation by MAC in a circular motion using a stipple brush.

Mollie Whichello wedding make-up

  1. Apply your lip colour

Your lip colour should be one of the final stages of your wedding make-up. Mollie started by using a rose coloured lip liner and started on the cupid’s bow part of the lip before defining the rest (lip liner is especially good for brides getting married in hot weather as it helps to stop the lipstick straying!). She then blended two shades of lipstick by Rimmel and MAC to get the final perfect pout.

TOP TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix lipsticks / glosses to get the perfect shade for your lips

wedding make-up with Mollie Whichello

To give me the final bridal glow, Mollie finished the look with a golden Rimmel bronzer underneath the cheek bone as well as a light dusting of my new favourite purchase – my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact in pink quartz. She then added a little bit of blusher on the apples of my cheeks.

After my session with Mollie, I realised, wedding make-up isn’t something we should think of as being this scary thing that only the professionals can achieve. Yes, you want to look the best version of yourself on your wedding day, and yes, the professionals can do amazing things. But if you give yourself the time to get some tips and advice from a professional, put in some practice and get yourself some high quality make-up and brushes, you can DIY on my wedding day. I will be.

Obligatory post-makeover pose (sorry).

wedding make-up

Until next time x

Thank you to Mollie Whichello for providing a make-up session for Oh So Hitched as part of this review. All views here are my own. A make-up bridal consultation and trial with Mollie Whichello is £50 (session lasts 1hr 30 mins) and a full bridal make-up session on the day is £100 (for 1 hour). For more information go to and follow her on twitter @MollWhich, on insta @Mollie_Which and on Facebook. You can contact Mollie on or call her on 07710 416 859.



  1. 25th January 2016 / 3:18 pm

    I thought about getting a professional to do my New York wedding make-up, but feel a bit safer doing my own. I’ll definitely try a make-up lesson in the UK and have saved these fab tips from Mollie!

    • Lucy (OhSo_London)
      25th January 2016 / 3:37 pm

      It took me a while to realise it is perfectly fine to do my own wedding make-up. So many people will say you can only get the ‘right look’ for your wedding photos when you have it done professionally. But if you ask me, it’s about getting the right products, being confident in your own style and making sure you practice, practice, practice – the most important thing is to look and feel like yourself! Good luck Neily and yes, definitely get a make-up lesson if you can. Let me know how it goes! x