Hungry? Try Supper – The Wholesome Food Delivery App

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Just when you think there’s no more space for yet another food app in London, another one appears and it’s actually, well quite good.

Supper – Your Personal Chef – app has just recently launched and is based on delivering wholesome and healthy food straight to your door, any day of the week.

No, it’s not churned out in mass from one take-away HQ and no, it’s not another app which sounds like Kangaroo and drives to the restaurant of your choice either. Supper is actually a network of top chefs who live in the capital and all want to prepare you a decent meal from their own home. Oh and the dishes are all based on a maximum 825 calorie content and they have Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert on board to keep things like sugar, salt and fat content in check. There’s a gap in the market for that if you ask me.

Supper app

Admittedly, there were a few new-business glitches when we tried it out a few weeks ago. There were only a couple of dishes to choose from on the menu (which I think will be the case while they build up their team of chefs). And due to traffic (which can’t be helped) our dinner arrived a little late with our confirmation text message arriving once the food had in fact arrived. But hey, it’s early days for this business and when it arrived, it was oh so worth it.

The chef working that night was Carine Ottou – who cooked me up a chicken breast and courgette with linguine.

Supper app

The second dish she was cooking that night was grilled lamb chop with white bean mash which BC was happy to claim.

Supper app

I may be wrong, but what actually arrived was tagliatelle, not linguine. But the chicken was gorgeously chargrilled and flavoured with tangy lemon and cilantro (coriander). As a dish it worked perfectly well and the portions were fantastic (this is not the entire amount – there was more left in the box!)

Supper app

As for the lamb chop, that was a big hit too. While the amount of meat you get on a lamb chop isn’t always fantastic (BC barely left a strip of meat on the bone), it was packed with honey and rosemary flavours and was nice and tender. Again, the portions were brilliant. The green leaves and white beans contributed to the much-needed five a day but it still felt like a treat to be eating it.

Carine left us a guilt-free raspberry cookie in our bag too which I enjoyed the next day and each food box comes with a personal hand written note. How lovely is that?

Chargrilled chicken

At the moment, Supper serves a large area of South West London from Twickenham to Camberwell but with food this good, I imagine it won’t be long before it serves other corners of the capital.

The app is reasonably easy to use and while the choice isn’t as extensive as your local take-away (nor as purse friendly at around £16 a dish), this is a home delivery service that’s highly personalised and guarantees top notch quality. Their ambassador French chef Bruno Loubet is testament to that.

Check ’em out and let me know what you think. This was a thoroughly enjoyable meal at restaurant standards, yet in the comfort of your own home. Oh, and you don’t have that dirty take-away guilt afterwards. On a lazy Saturday night, you’d be mad not to go for that.

Until next time x

Thanks to Supper and chef Carine Ottou for inviting Oh So London to review their meals. All views here are our own. To find out more about Supper, head to their website, follow them on twitter @SupperUK,  instagram @Supperuk, and find them on Facebook.