Sparkly OPI Nails and St Tropez Tan with HTN Beauty

Oh So Hitched

You will probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of mobile beauty. So when I heard about HTN Beauty – Hair, Tan, Nails – it was a service I had to try.

HTN Beauty launched around 18 months ago in Hertfordshire, but comprises of a small team of professionals who have more than 12 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry. They have a network of clients across various parts of Hertfordshire and London, and their ethos is to provide hair and beauty services that are flexible and convenient. So if you need someone to do your hair and make-up on your wedding day, or you’re in need of a last-minute spray tan ahead of your honeymoon, keep these ladies in mind. They’ll do everything they can to provide appointment times that fit into their clients’ busy diaries.

HTN Hair, Tan and Nails

At a time when my diary is packed with freelance deadlines, wedding planning and numerous events, this is music to my ears. My ‘bachelorette’ party was also approaching, So Creative Director Jenna Long scheduled in an evening appointment for me the night before, to transform my dull nails into disco-ready talons. She arrived armed with the spray tan gun too, ready to give me a nice bronzed glow. But their services don’t stop there. HTN Beauty offers everything from balayage and ombre hair treatments, to Total Lash Lift and Billion Dollar Brows. Check out their website for the full range. You could actually book a whole afternoon of their time getting a top to toe MOT.

HTN Hair Tan and Nails

When it comes to their services, HTN Beauty use a set of recognised brands. Nails-wise, it’s all about OPI. As my girls’ weekend was the next day, a glitter paint seemed fitting. Jenna suggested I went for an OPI gel base so that once the weekend was over, I could remove the glitter layer, and be left with my a lovely block colour that would be suitable for every day.

Following her brilliant advice, I went for the very chic ‘Taupe-less Beach’ which is a gorgeous mauve-like ‘Gelcolor’ by OPI. Very on trend for the AW season. The glitter polish she used was Ce-less-tial – a silvery/pink polish which had a beautiful shimmer and is new to the OPI polish range. I reckon this would be perfect for a bride who wants to add a bit of sparkle to their wedding.

HTN Hair Tan and Nails

A few days later I removed the gel colour and it took quite a lot of scrubbing with a cotton pad doused in nail polish remover. But the gel beneath it survived pretty well, albeit a couple of tiny chips. I was very impressed with this two-in-one approach.

Tan-wise, I have super sensitive skin when it comes to using fake tan so Jenna suggested the St Tropez Sensitive. Rather than their St Tropez express tan which generally suits those who want an immediate effect, the Sensitive version is one you sleep in and it develops over six to eight hours.

I’m very pale skinned but Jenna suggested the darkest colour was still a good idea. Tanning tent popped up, paper knickers on (and curtains closed), it took just around 15 minutes and various arms-in-the-air poses to get an all-over glow. It’s probably worth letting you know that St Tropez now do a prep and maintain kit which contains a body polish and tanning top up. It basically allows you to exfoliate the top layer of skin and give yourself a top-up so your tan fades more evenly. I tried this on Tuesday and helped avoid that speckled effect you sometimes get a few days after as the tan begins to wear off.

HTN Beauty

Be prepared that the sleep-in tan will probably transfer to your bed sheets but it does come out in the wash. The day after, I had a deep, even tan and absolutely adored my nails. How did we ever cope before mobile beauty services? With super-lovely staff, seamless service and a fantastic product range, HTN Beauty is certainly worth popping into your bridal phone book.

Until next time x

For appointments and for a full list of services, visit the HTN Beauty website, or call 07904 970005. You can also follow them on twitter @HTNBeauty_UK, insta @HTNBeauty_UK and Pinterest.

Thank you to HTN Beauty for providing The Travel Journo with a St Tropez Sensitive spray tan (£25) and gel and polish (OPI Gel color £25) and for gifting a Prep & Maintain kit for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.