Travel Photography: Top Panoramic Shots of the Summer

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If there’s one kind of photography I’ve fully embraced this year, it’s definitely the iPhone panoramic shot. I’m gradually beginning to realise that the iPhone really is an asset for travel photographers if you learn how to use it properly. And capturing your travels in this way can really get quite addictive.

There are of course, many factors which affect how well your panoramic shot comes out – the main ones for me being how steady my hand is and whether someone gets in the way (this happens a lot as you’ll see here). But hey, I’m getting better and think these ones are pretty good. Here are some of my favourites from Spring / Summer. Enjoy…

Alcazaba, Malaga

There are two key vantage points in Malaga, the Moorish palace of Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro. The latter takes a more energetic climb but both are equally stunning spots which offer incredible views over the city.

Malaga panoramic photo

Castillo de Gibralfaro, Malaga

Castillo de Gibralfaro Malaga

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Praia da Lagoinha, Brazil

This place is heaven on earth and hopefully this photograph shows that. I was in Praia da Lagoinha earlier this year during a trip to Fortaleza and Ceara in northern Brazil. As you will read in my travel piece on Oh So Hitched, Praia da Lagoinha is where many couples go for blissed out honeymoons, stunning scenery and a boho vibe. This is the first view we captured of this vast stretch of sand when we turned a corner in our van and we were speechless. We immediately jumped out of the van and pulled out our phones, trying to capture the best panoramic shots we could of this beautiful place.

Praia da Lagoinha Brazil

Cauípe lagoons, Ceara Brazil

Aside from Praia da Lagoinha, this was the other stunning place we discovered while on our travels in Brazil. As the kite surfing capital, Ceara is home to many natural lagoons in between its spellbinding sand dunes. And after an exhilarating dune bashing tour, we went for a paddle in these incredibly warm waters. It was like taking a bath in paradise. Oh, and being so vast, it made for epic panoramic shots!

Cauípe lagoons, Brazil

Ljubljana, Slovenia

More recently, I was snapping panoramic shots a bit closer to home. Well closer than Brazil anyway. I was in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia – an interesting city that’s set to be the European Green Capital for 2016.

Just before dusk, we headed up to the top of Ljubljana Castle – a medieval fortress which offer fantastic vistas over the city. After climbing the rather vertiginous spiral stairs, I managed to compose myself enough to take these photographs. I love the atmospheric lighting behind the clouds in these ones.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana, Slovenia

GONG, London

You’ll have spotted this one already – the sunset photo I took from GŎNG – the cocktail bar located on the 52nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. Superb cocktails and views like this? That’s one great way to enjoy an evening in London.

GONG, Shangri-La, London

Carlton Bank, North Yorkshire

Ah, home sweet home. This is where I grew up and even though I’ve been up Carlton Bank a gazillion times, I still experience that ‘wow’ feeling every single time I go back. I love this place. I feel liberated, calm and get perspective on the world every time I return. I have many family memories from here and it will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, it’s a great place to do a few cool tricks as you can see here!

Carlton Bank, North Yorkshire

Vista Bar at The Trafalgar, London

Brilliant bar, brilliant views. The name of this rooftop bar in Trafalgar Square says it all really. And while it’s not open during the autumn and winter months, it’s one to add to your London to-do list for the Spring and Summer months. Once you’re seated avec Pimm’s with views over Westminster and Trafalgar Square, you won’t be able to stop practicing your panoramic shots.

Vista London

Got any panoramic tricks for me? Please share them.

Until next time x