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Looking for the perfect wedding lashes? We review the Russian Volume Lashes by Lash Lab London…

If there’s one make-up item I can’t leave the house without wearing, it’s definitely my mascara. And when it comes to weddings, many brides who normally can’t live without their mascara wand, look for a little extra help from the fake lash experts, to get their eyelashes looking tip top for for their big day.

I’m one of those brides, but until recently, I was unaware of the sheer variety of artificial lash extentions out there. I’d tried the wear-once stick-on lashes during my younger years but they always seemed to end in disaster. So when I came across the brand new semi-permanent Russian Volume Lashes by LashLab London, I was keen to try them out to see if they’re a bridal beauty must-have.

Russian Volume Lashes

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The Lash Lab salon is based in Shoreditch, a stone’s throw from Brick Lane and the Russian Volume Lashes method – also known as the 3D-6D or multi-lash technique – involves attaching multiple lashes (between two and eight) to each individual lash. Time-consuming work, you might say? It certainly is! After I filled out a form and had a quick chat with their master technician, Pui Ying, I lay on the treatment bed for my 90-minute (yes 90 minute!) lash transformation. Tape is then fixed to the bottom of your lashes to ensure they are kept out of the way, and after that, you must keep your eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.

Russian Volume Lashes

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The feeling that you can’t open your eyes for 90 minutes is at first, a little unnerving, but once Pui Ying started chatting to me, I relaxed into it and it wasn’t so bad. Plus, it was quite nice being able to chill out on a treatment bed for well over an hour and escape the every day chores..

Lash Lab offers a few types of eyelash magic, from simple colour tinting if you simply want them darkened, to classic lash extensions and an eyelash lift which allows you to ditch the eyelash curlers.

My initial fears about getting the eyelash extensions were, would they make my eyelashes fall out? Would I look like a cast member of TOWIE, or even worse, would I get an allergic reaction?

Pui Ting explained that although Russian Volume Lashes are thick and full, they’re not super-long which means you can still achieve quite a natural looking set of peepers. She also said that they would last anything from three to six weeks, and that yes, my lashes may fall out, but it was unlikely they would shed any more than normal.

Russian Volume Lashes

As the 90 minutes neared to an end, I was getting a little impatient to see how they looked. It was a relief when the tape came off and although my eyes were a little sore – probably from the initial application of adhesive – I was pleasantly suprised with the result.

I had many questions for Pui Ying about the maintenance of my eyelash extensions. So to help you out – if you’re thinking of going for the Russian Volume Lashes – here are some FAQs.

Russian Volume Lashes

What are the Russian Volume Lashes made from?

The lashes they use are called Mink Premier Silk extensions, which is basically artifical mink. They’re obviously not as soft as real eyelashes but are quite close to the real thing. After a day or two, you will forget they’re there.

Can you still wear mascara?

While one of the reasons many ladies get eyelash extensions is so you can ditch the mascara wand, yes, you can apply mascara on top of your Russian Volume Lashes if you feel you want a more defined look. However, I have read that oil-based make-up may make your lashes shed more quickly than normally, so perhaps check this before you apply.

How do you remove your make-up from artificial lashes?

Always use make-up wipes rather than cotton wool. The fibres from cotton wool can get caught up in your lashes and get you in a bit of a tangle. Apply your cleanser as normal but apply gently and don’t over-rub. A good tip is to use cotton buds which enable you to thoroughly clean around the lashes without fear of any fluffy bits getting stuck to your eye.

Can you wash your face when you are wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can, however for the first two days it’s advised you don’t let your eyes get wet. For some women, that means wearing goggles in the shower! I didn’t go that far but I was careful not to get them too wet and gave swimming a miss for a few days.

Do I need to get them removed?

While some women get them professional removed (Lash Lab can offer a professional removal for £20, £10 for Lash Lab customers), others get infills every 2-3 weeks and others leave them to fall out naturally.

Russian Volume Lashes

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I was really suprised at how much I liked the end result. The Russian Volume Lashes were thick and full but didn’t look over the top at all. After a day or two of getting used to them, it was nice to wake up to a set of full lashes each day that didn’t need much maintenance at all. While I think I might go for the longer and flirtier lash extensions for my actual wedding day, the Russian Volume Lashes are brilliant. They save you time in the morning and give your make-up a more defined look and are guaranteed to make you feel fabulous on your wedding day. Two weeks in, some have fallen out but they still look quite full. I would definitely recommend these for other brides-to-be. Bridal beauty must-have? Yes!


Oh So Hitched received a complimentary application of Russian Volume Lashes as part of this review. All views here are my own. A full application of Russian Volume Lashes costs £120. For more information visit the Lash Lab website, and follow them on twitter @LashLab and instagram @LashLabLondon.

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