Q&A with Chic Ibiza Villas: Beautiful Balearic Weddings

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If you like the idea of a chic setting, beautiful Balearic sunsets and oodles of VIP treatment, Chic Ibiza Villas could be just the place.

We carried out a Q&A with Nick Reid, Co-Owner of these luxury rental properties, to get the lowdown on destination weddings in Ibiza.

Chic Ibiza Villas

Hi Nick. Tell me about the villas.

Chic Ibiza is a collection of 40 hand-picked, luxury rental properties on the island of Ibiza. They range from three to twelve bedrooms, are priced from 2,700 to 30,000 Euros per week and many are just perfect for in-villa weddings. From traditional fincas to uber-modern palaces, all of our villas scream exclusivity and uniqueness – two essential qualities in demand for upmarket weddings in Ibiza.

Why Ibiza – shouldn’t we save that for summer raves?

No. Quite the opposite. Thanks to the island’s beautiful beaches and coves, fantastic climate and abundance of secluded spots, many brides are choosing Ibiza as their dream wedding location. Ibiza is also the place where anything is possible! Thanks to the incredible events that are held here year-in, year-out, wedding planners apply the same ‘can-do’ attitude. They understand how to achieve that incredible atmosphere, which blows guests away every time. For example, in the past we have organised fire-eaters, filled pools with rose petals, back-lit villas in the couples’ wedding colour palate and even sourced international DJs for the in-villa reception. Anything is possible in Ibiza.

What makes these villas special?

At Chic Ibiza we are proud to have exclusive management contracts with the island’s most luxurious properties. And they are all unique – boasting some of the most beautiful, desirable features, such as life-size Buddhas, contemporary sculptures, tropical day gazebos in the gardens, infinity pools, atriums with fountains, panoramic views, rooftops with giant daybeds, the list goes on. We even have one villa with a private basement club complete with decks and sound-system, for the couple that want their own exclusive wedding after-party. 

Chic Ibiza Villas

What wedding services can you offer brides and grooms who hold their wedding in a Chic Ibiza villa?

We offer wedding planning for couples and a free guest concierge service. It’s easy for us to organise car-hire, chauffeurs, yacht hire, VIP restaurant tables, caterers, massage & beauty therapists, golf, child-minding, scuba diving and more for a wedding party of the couple and guests. With backgrounds in entertainment, our well-connected Chic Ibiza team can also recommend the best beaches, lounges, restaurants, bars and clubs to visit in Ibiza. 

Are there different villas to suit different tastes?

Yes. Each villa is unique in its own way. We have traditional and ultra-modern. The best way to choose which is the best, is to fly out and do a villa tour with us. 

Chic Villas Ibiza

Chic Villas Ibiza

What kind of ceremony can you arrange?

Chic Ibiza Villas offers an in-villa wedding-planning service and can co-ordinate all on-island logistics, including ceremonies, guest accommodation, catering, flowers, beauticians, receptions and transport for the day. 

Can you get married in the villa grounds? What other locations in Ibiza are available?

We have arranged ceremonies in the villa grounds, on yachts and even on hotel rooftops – perfect to watch the Balearic sun setting.

Chic Ibiza Villas

Sounds like bliss, thanks!

For more information on Chic Ibiza Villas head to www.chicibiza.com.

Until next time x

Chic Ibiza Villas