Moral Fibre: Guilt-Free & Healthy Snacks that actually taste good

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Recently, I met Jenny Moloney the founder of Moral Fibre – a range of nutritious sweet and savoury snacks that are gluten-free, dairy-free and equally important, guilt-free.

Moral Fibre health food

As a bride-to-be with a sweet tooth, I welcome anything I can snack on that will satisfy my sweet craving in a natural, energising and healthy way. I often get turned away from ‘health snacks’ as you sometimes find they contain artificial flavourings or hidden sugars.

So it’s good to know that all Moral Fibre snacks are handmade in the UK from raw and natural ingredients. And no, they don’t taste like cardboard, or tree bark (I’m talking to you Rivita), they are genuinely delicious. So I was delighted when Jenny sent me some Moral Fibre samples for review.

The story behind Moral Fibre comes through Jenny’s roots in Sydney, Australia. Once she moved over to the UK, she was inspired to bring the healthy and active lifestyle she enjoyed during her upbringing, to Blighty. Even better if you can make it into a business.

There are nut free options, and many are suitable for paleo and vegan diets. All retail for around £2.95. They’re also in grab-and-go style packets or little pots which you can pop them into your handbag. And they have a shelf life of around 4-6 months which means you can get rid of those biscuits and stock your cupboard with some healthy and wholesome snacks!

Here are the ones I tried…


Banana Berry Bites

Deliciously sweet. I had these with a cup of tea to beat the morning sluggishness.

Moral Fibre

Banananut Bites

If you like banana, you’ll also love these. I had these before going to the gym and felt brilliantly energised.

Moral Fibre health food

Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites

These ones are infused with cardamom and orange oil, giving them a delicious zesty flavour.

Moral Fibre health food

Raspberry Cocolossal Balls

These ones contain a touch of maca – a Peruvian herb that is claimed to have an abundance of health benefits, including increased stamina and energy and improved mental clarity and hormonal balance.

Moral Fibre health food

Choco Banananut Bites

These naughtier little bites are the exception to the no-sugar rule. They are coated in dark chocolate and contain a bit of sugar (36.4g per 100g) but are still the more wholesome alternative to milk chocolate or a chocolate bar that’s packed with refined sugar. Keep these for an after dinner treat for when you really need that chocolatey kick. (A few days before the wedding perhaps to beat those nerves!)

Moral Fibre health food

Figberry Balls

Figs, dried fruit and flavoured with cinnamon, these treats are then dusted with cocoa to give you a luxurious snack. Excellent with a cup of coffee and they’re surprisingly rich.

Fig berry balls Moral Fibre snacks


The savoury snacks I tried were:

Chilli crunch

Moral Fibre health food

And the Courgette Crunch

Moral Fibre health food

While I didn’t like the savoury snacks as much as the sweet ones, they were both pleasantly crunchy and packed with strong flavour. If you check out the Moral Fibre website, you’ll also see they’re high in protein, fibre and will keep your blood sugar levels balanced when you’re experiencing that mid-afternoon energy dip. They’ll also hopefully stop you reaching for more fattening and less nutritious snacks.

My favourite were definitely the Figberry balls followed closely by the Banananut Bites. I do try and stick to healthy eating and occasionally I slip up (generally when I’m stressed / on deadline / wedding planning isn’t going my way!) But I genuinely recommend these snacks if you’re someone who’s trying to be the most healthy and trim you.

Oh, and before I forget, all packaging for Moral Fibre is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials. So you’re doing your little bit for the environment too.

Until next time x

Moral Fibre snacks are available for purchase online, and in various outlets across Surrey, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. If you’re London based, they’re stocked in Selfridges and the Rosewood Hotel.


insta: @MoralFibreFood

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Thank you to Moral Fibre for providing Oh So Hitched with their products for reviewing purposes. All views here are my own.
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