A Bliss-Out Brazil Honeymoon, Part 1: Praia do Lagoinha

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Oh So London visits Praia do Lagoinha, where a Brazil honeymoon translates to a time-stood-still vibe and beaches that stretch for miles…

As the high rise buildings turned into a hotchpotch of roadside shacks selling yukka and jelly coconuts, the city parks turned into acres of banana trees swaying in the breeze. We were heading away from the sprawling city of Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará and heading 30km up the coast to the fishing village of Cumbuco.

Brazil Honeymoon Oh So London

Fortaleza © Embratur / Brazilian Tourist Board


Despite being less trodden by tourists than the likes of Rio, Sao Paolo and Salvador, Fortaleza is Brazil’s fifth largest city. And it’s becoming a popular choice for a Brazil honeymoon, where couples find plenty of sightseeing, culture and adventure.

In fact, you’ll find plenty of sand too – Fortaleza is home to the beaches of Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Futuro which make up a whopping 16 miles of the stuff. Surfers might as well move here too.

But for a Brazil honeymoon that allows you to bliss out on caçhaca and discover some of the most romantic and unspoilt beaches on the planet, stay in Praia da Lagoinha, or take a day trip there from Fortaleza or the fishing village of Cumbuco. Because this stunning coastal spot is your post-wedding day calling.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Praia da Lagoinha

As we veered a corner, I experienced one of those travel ‘wow’ moments that stay with you for years. The thick greenery covering the cliff drop in front of us gave way to towering palm trees, that fringed miles upon miles of the longest visible coastline I’d ever seen. As I followed the line of breaking waves, the vast and sweeping crescent of Praia da Lagoinha turned into a haze that met the horizon. But you knew it went further. I’d never seen anything quite like it.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Panoramic shots snapped, we took a short drive down the hill and into the bay where locals sipped on small plastic cups of strong coffee in the beachside café. Serenity-seekers lolled about in brightly-coloured hammocks. You almost had to pinch yourself. The claims of Mother Nature’s most stunning work are no exaggeration; If Praia da Lagoinha hasn’t yet found its way into a ‘Top 10 Beaches in the World’ list, it should certainly be shortlisted as one of the top 10 in Brazil. This place was breathtaking.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

If you don’t believe its beauty now, you will when you see it. This seemingly endless stretch of sand felt like the gateway to heaven and had all the criteria for a spectacular Brazil honeymoon.

Once we’d set up camp and walked away from the sun worshippers, its vastness made us feel like the most insignificant little ants, next to the biggest expanse of sand and ocean.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

At one end of the beach, the leaning palm trees upon the rose-tinted rocks looked almost fantastical, like you’d just stepped into a film set. A man plodded along on a worn out looking donkey. And traditional Jangadas – fishing boats – appeared faded and battered in the tropical sun.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

As the Atlantic waves rolled in, locals sat about without a care in the world and time seemed to stand still. Which is just the tonic when you’ve just spent months planning your wedding and you’re in need of a restorative honeymoon. When you (reluctantly) hit the potholed roads again to leave this boho-like retreat, you pass rickety little houses where washing is draped from wooden fences and men snooze the afternoon away in hammocks.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

A back to basics but worry-free vibe cloaks this less developed corner of this country, but there’s a feeling of contentment and authenticity that you only find in some of the most untouched corners of the world. Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect place to start the beginning of your lives together?

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Fly: TAP Portugal flies from London Heathrow to Fortaleza seven times a week. Prices start at £702 return including all taxes and surcharges. For further information, visit www.flytap.com or call 0345 601 0932.

Tourist info: Find more info about Brazil on the Tourist Board website, Visitbrasil.com

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