What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

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What does your coffee say about you?

Most of us can’t go a day without it… a good old cup of Joe, a spruced up cappuccino with extra chocolate on top, a double espresso to kick start the day and whizz up the noggin. As a country, we go through a mesmerisingly precipitous 70,000 cups of coffee a day and more, that’s 1 in 5 people that visit their coffee shop EVERYDAY, and this is all still on the rise as tea falls in sales – coffee has way surpassed its beverage brother in consumption and maintains a rather predictable cycle of sales!

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Yet how does it all look for the snapshot? And what does your coffee and how you drink it say about you? Does drinking a black Americano make you a serious person? Does drinking an espresso make you all about everything being on-the-go? What about the beans? Do the beans make a difference? Of course, how we drink and have our coffee says something about our personality, here’s the gist.

With a coffee shop opening up on every corner, and a plethora of choices for the coffee pragmatist, lattes rule the roost in terms of the most popular choice. More often than not your latte drinkers are the laid back type, slightly indecisive, yet often creative and in abundance, so why rush everything when you’re enjoying yourself?

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Cappuccinos have taken a sharp decline in coffee shops, and are taken up by the slightly older, yet fun people of the United Kingdom, cappuccino drinkers are often nonchalant and free thinkers, who like to enjoy themselves and indulge in the company they keep, along with sipping on that chocolate covered foam, of course!

Mochas and frappuccinos are the sweeter choice, often chosen by the younger generations and those who still can’t quite liken to the taste of coffee, yet it certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t treat themselves. The taste differs and has widened the coffee market to those that want to join their friends in a cup and chin-wag, but with one of these, that diet goes out the window for the day.

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Espressos, the serious choice alongside its taller cousin the Americano are for the coffee connoisseurs, the ones that want to FEEL that coffee and want to taste the kick. Espressos are a righteous one in its homeland of Italy, with the Italians giving you a dirty look if you drink this with your meal, espressos are to be given their own time after meals and occasions, and this has resonated across cultures to give an air of sophistication to sipping on that tiny china cup. Americanos on the other hand have opened up the wider market again, bringing more people from the instant coffee world into the shops and French presses, laced with milk and sugar it can often bare the similarities and textures of the insta-world, but…

Instant coffee is still by and large, how the majority of the UK gets their regular daily caffeine dose, those that have all the deadlines and never enough time, work beckons with the instant coffee drinker, who is steeped in tradition and bares a regular routine, a routine that doesn’t consist of getting out of the office and to the local coffee shop, never quite taking to the fresher coffee either as they love the taste of their regular cup of Joe, milk and two sugars, yeah?

Stick the kettle on.

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