My engagement story

When you get engaged, everybody asks – so how did he do it? Generally, people want to know all the details, don’t they? It’s a story you’ll tell over and over again. And how it pans out varies so massively. I’ve heard of women getting proposed to on the top of Kilimanjaro, on a sunset cruise somewhere exotic, or simply at home, over breakfast.

I’ve also heard stories of women proposing to their boyfriends – any why shouldn’t they? Engagement stories are always entertaining – and without sounding too soppy – special to a couple, however extravagant, unusual or out of the ordinary the situation or location is.

It only seems right I share my own engagement story. So here it goes, in a nutshell…

We were holidaying on the Caribbean island of St Lucia in October 2014 and were about five days into our stay at St James’s Club, Morgan Bay.

I completely fell in love with this island from day one and cannot recommend it enough as a holiday destination, for couples, families or groups.

Romance-wise though, St Lucia has it in droves. Especially when you have scenery like this:

St Lucia

And incredible sunsets like this:

St Lucia

We’d got up early to walk up Pigeon Island National Park – a beautiful historical peak, home to military ruins dating back to colonial battles between the English and French.

Pigeon Island National Park

It’s a fascinating place and if you hike to the top of both peaks, you’re rewarded with the most incredible panoramic views.

Pigeon Island National Park

So yes, BC waited for me to reach the top of the second peak. By that point I was huffing and puffing from the heat, and so was completely unaware of the ring box he had in his pocket.

On the way up, we kept crossing paths with other tourists who kept asking us to take their picture. In hindsight, I think the boy was getting a bit nervous (to say the least) thinking that we’d never get a moment alone. It was nerve-wracking enough for him to plan the proposal, but to keep up the ‘act’ and play it cool amongst all these people around us? I don’t know how he did it.

Then finally, as we both perched on the top of the cliff, he asked the question. I don’t remember the exact words he said now, but I think I stopped him mid-sentence when I burst into tears, as he presented the most beautiful ring.

Beaming from ear to ear, we took lots more pictures which later revealed the bulging ring box in his pocket (yep, it’s caused much amusement since), how did I not spot it?! We then headed down to the historic pub on Pigeon Island for a celebratory – and well-needed – chilled bottle of beer.

This place is really cool – literally and figuratively – so do check it out if you ever travel to St Lucia.

Captain's Cellar Pub St Lucia

Captain's Cellar Pub St Lucia

A couple of Pitons beers later and we were then lolling about on Pigeon Island’s small, but beautiful beach. Apart from one family, we had the place to ourselves.

And handily, the fruit man stopped by on his boat..

Pigeon Island National Park

St Lucia

We had a delicious and incredibly relaxed lunch of Caribbean roti and salt fish fritters at the gorgeously located Jambe de Bois restaurant. (plus of course, some more Piton beer).

Jambe de Bois

We then walked through the small town of Gros Islet, after saying bye to little guy who had tried his hardest to follow us into the park…

Pigeon Island National Park

We had the most peaceful wander down into Gros Islet, a nearby fishing town. The heat was just about bearable as the sun was about to dip down into the horizon, and we had a quick chat with some of the locals who were chatting about that night’s ‘Jump Up’.

Gros Islet

‘Are you going tonight?’ they asked.

We had reason to celebrate. Of course we were.

So we headed back to our hotel, had some celebratory drinks and then headed back out to Gros Islet, for the week’s ‘Jump Up’ celebrations.

‘Jump Up’ is basically the locals’ name for a street party. And aside from the weekly Fish Fry at Anse La Raye, the Jump Up at Gros Islet is the most popular party in the north of the island. After eating some fiery jerk chicken in one of the restaurants, we wandered through the crowds where locals had big barrels of rum flowing and pop up stands selling lobster and all sorts of freshly cooked fish.

Then as the night went on, and the party fever heightened, more and more people started dancing in the streets. There was a DJ with a stage, pounding beats, and it was pretty cool to be here, loving life and drinking rum on our first day of being engaged!

St Lucia

We partied until the early hours and then spent the next two or three days just enjoying this beautiful island, making sure we got a bottle of champers in the next day over dinner and making the most of those spectacular sunsets.

So there’s my engagement story and one I’ll never forget. I already adored the Caribbean but now, I have even more reason to return to this part of the world.