3 Tips for finding a fantastic wedding photographer

Helen Rimell of Gin Fizz Photographic shares 3 tips for finding the best wedding photographer for your big day…

How to find the best Wedding  Photographer

Put aside a good budget

‘Your photographs are the one thing that last from your wedding day, good photographs will evoke memories for years to come, they are your story, and testament to one of the most amazing days of your life, something you have to show your children and grandchildren. I would always advice couples to have a budget for photography, it is definitely something you should think about when putting together your wedding costs.’

Gin Fizz Photographic

Book a professional

‘Choose a professional photographer, you really do get what you pay for. Many people have a DSLR these days and enjoy taking photographs on the weekends, and this is not a bad thing at all, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are up to the job of capturing your wedding day. I have friends who love Gray’s Anatomy but I wouldn’t let them put me on an operating table, no matter how much I love them.’

Gin Fiz Photographic

Meet your photographer

‘Your wedding photographer is going to be with you for the whole day, so it’s really important that you like them and think they will fit in well with your guests. I always make sure I meet my clients and get to know them before their wedding day, I like to get a really good idea of who they are and what they want from their wedding photography.

One of the reasons I offer my clients a complimentary couples shoot is so that we can spend some time together getting to know each other before the wedding day; they get used to the camera and the way I work, so that they are completely happy and confident having me there as their photographer on the day. If you like and trust your photographer you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that the end result will be exactly what you wanted.’

Gin Fizz Photographic

Helen Rimell is a London-based wedding photographer and photojournalist. For more information, go to her website Ginfizzphotographic.co.uk. You can also read our Q&A with Helen and see more of her work here.