Sarah Rosado: The New York artist behind those celebrity cornflake portraits

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Ever felt inspired to create art while munching on your morning cornflakes? New York Artist Sarah Rosado has. She’s now turning heads with her portraits of big-name celebrities, from Beyonce and Iggy Azalea to Madonna and Miley Cyrus (complete with tongue sticking out). And they’re all created using the humble breakfast cereal and fruity pebbles. How’s that for innovation?

Here, Bronx-born artist Sarah Rosado takes part in an Oh So London Q&A to unveil the story behind her avant-garde portraits. She also showcases some photos of her eye-catching work.

My favourite’s the Sam Smith one.. Over to you Sarah!

Sarah Rosado NYC cornflake artist

Sarah Rosado

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name’s Sarah Rosado, I’m 32 yrs old I’m a self-taught artist based in New York City.

Do you think you’ve always been destined to be an artist?

I think so. Ever since I was a young child I loved to draw.  At age 5 I was scribbling or doodling images of little cartoon faces on everything I got my hands on.  Through my school years, Art class became my favorite subject.  When I was in the 5th grade my teacher noticed that I had talent in drawing so she entered me into an Art contest.  I won second place and received an award from the MTA drawing program where winner’s drawings get displayed on NYC buses.

Where did you get the inspiration for your cornflake portraits? 

The inspiration for the series came one morning while eating cereal and listening to oldies and R&B music, the idea to create celebrity faces with cornflakes was born; “because music has never tasted so good”, I thought. And at that moment I was struck with the idea to create images of my favorite artists with the cereal.

Sarah Rosado NYC cornflake Beyonce art

What kind of reaction have you received from people who have seen them? 

It’s surprising and flattering when people compliment my work. Some of the words used to describe my project include genius, incredible and amazing. I’m humbled and grateful to all.

Where has your work appeared and have you been surprised at how much of a talking point it is?

My work has appeared on the Huffington post, MTV News, Good Morning America and 7online, just to name a few. I’m very surprised with the amount of media attention my work has gotten.

Sarah Rosado Cornflake artist

Do you like cornflakes?!

Yes, I love cornflakes. I enjoy it every morning!

Are there any other food items you’d like to create art with or have had requests for?

I haven’t thought of any other food items to work with, at least not yet…

What other types of art do you do? 

I’m always brainstorming or creating new ideas and have already used dirt, cereal and other mediums for my artwork.  I also use photography as a different form of art.

Do you have any plans to bring it over to London?

I have no immediate plans but one day, yes, I would like to visit London and showcase my work.

Sarah Rosado Cornflakes artist

What is the art scene like in NYC – Are there any particular up and coming artists you admire?  New York is a huge city with so much going on and much of my work has been influenced by its current trends, cultural diversity and food. I’m inspired by different types of artists, whose creativity takes them to another level. One artist in particular is Brock Davis.

Sarah Rosado Cornflakes artist

Where are your fave places to hang out in NYC?

Keen’s Steakhouse and Katz’s Delicatessen are my two favorite places to eat, drink, and hang out in New York City.

Katz's Deli New York

Katz’s Deli in NYC, credit: Pietro & Silvia via Flickr

What are your career plans for the rest of 2015 – do you have any more celebrity cereal portraits coming up?

Yes, you will see more of my celebrity cereal portraits, plus some other exciting stuff coming up which I won’t mention, but you will see very soon…

Thanks Sarah!

Until next time x

Find out more about Sarah Rosado on her website and follow her on instagram @srartwork.