Lobster Kitchen: A piece of New England in London’s West End

Lobster shacks are all the rage in London right now. So I popped my lobster shack cherry recently with a trip to Lobster Kitchen in Fitzrovia

It’s oh so hidden behind Tottenham Court Road on Great Russell Street. And as it’s simply a door next to VQ, you really can miss it. As I did.

A 360 degree turn and I was finally through the door and into a cosy space of reclaimed wood, heavy benches and lobster cages hanging from above.

Lobster Kitchen is owned by Abigail Tan and Valeria Cinaglia and they’ve obviously put the graft in here to make this shellfish shack as authentic as can be. Even the buoys have been shipped over the Atlantic from Maine.

New England seaside vibe accomplished.

Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

As you can see, the interiors at Lobster Kitchen are decked out with heaps of colour, and it’s très informal.

Grab a menu. Oh there isn’t one…

Instead, go up to the blackboard, choose your food and then order at the hatch. Actually, I’ll admit, as we were reviewing, I’m still not sure what the exact protocol is, but I think they will then bring it to your table. Or perch.

Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

Drinks are simple: wine (there are about three or four red and white options, plus one rose, which makes it easy to decide), various beers and spirits and loads of soft drink options.

If you’re in the mood for fizz, there’s prosecco or Palmer & Co Blanc de Blanc. But you can also delve into some mean Lobster Kitchen cocktails, including their signature Presidente – a mix of Campari, Martini Rosso, Plantation rum and fresh lemon juice which definitely hit the spot.

Foodwise, there are of course a whole range of lobster rolls you can get your pincers into (sorry).

This ranges from the skinny (topped with olive oil, parsley and chives), and the Garlicky one (not suitable for a date) to the oh so indulgent ‘Asian One’ with sweet chilli and fish sauce.

Of course my friend Karen and I tried them all…

Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

The ‘Asian one’

We also managed to squeeze in some corn on the cob and gherkin fritters – which are much tastier than they sound.

Although the rolls weren’t as soft and squidgy as I’d hoped, the lobster was very well-cooked and there was tons of flavour in this meal.

The crown-stealer for me though, was the epic lobster bisque. If I was in this part of town I would swing by to eat this alone. Alas, I didn’t get a photo – I was too busy gulping it down – but it was creamy, garlicky and absolutely, eye-wideningly delicious. It tasted so good, it could sell for triple the price if served in a bowl from a high end restaurant.

But you know what. There’s something incredibly satisfying about eating something so delicious with a plastic spoon and bowl made out of cardboard. So good, you can save the air fare to New England. When it comes to tasty but purse-friendly lobster, we’ve got something special here going on in London…

Oh So London was a visitor at Lobster Kitchen – also part of an article we were writing for Love this City but all views are my own.



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  1. 6th April 2015 / 8:53 pm

    This place looks AMAZING and is right by my office, will have to try it out for sure :)

    • 6th April 2015 / 9:44 pm

      Yes do! A great little place for lunch if you fancy treating yourself!