F.Mondays, Brixton: A Coffee Shop that makes things A-okay

F.Mondays. That’s what I say.

And like most people, Monday really isn’t my favourite day of the week. I’m certainly with those of you who often feel like winding the clocks back and delaying the start of the new working week. Just a little bit longer under the duvet – please.

OK, so a cafe can’t solve the world. But often, coffee really does make Monday morning just that little bit easier. Which is why I love the fact there’s now a coffee shop right on my doorstep in Brixton that sympathises with we Monday-haters. It’s called F.Mondays and it might just put a smile on your face if you’re a fellow Brixtonite who prefers weekdays that don’t begin with an ‘M’.

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

F.Mondays is at the top of Brixton Hill and you’ll find it by looking out for the huge potted plants outside or the billboard that LURES you in with ‘put-two-fingers-up-to-Monday’ type mantras. They often involve some mention of sumptuous sounding sweet delights. Like this one:

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

Once inside it’s quite tiny, so if you’re looking to sprawl out with laptop, books etc – as I often am – and drink your coffee inside, you might have a fight on your hands.

Only joking. Everyone seems very friendly in here. There’s a table in the centre which many strangers happily sit on side by side while they sip their lattes. and there’s a little room at the back with one table, which you could always make a bee-line for.

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

The espresso coffee here is from Alchemy Coffee Roasters in South London and they are currently using the Elixir Blend which is a blend of Ethiopia Kochere, Costa Rica Rio Jorco and Guatemala El Socorro.

I found it quite bitter with quite sharp citrusy notes, but it was packed with flavour…

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

…and goes fantastically well with their range of sweet treats.

I couldn’t contain myself when I found F.Mondays was serving pasteis de nata – Portuguese custard tarts. I hadn’t eaten one of these since my trip to Portugal in March, so it was an absolute delight to find them in London.

Apparently, they get them from Galeta – a London bakery which also produces cronuts, award-winning brownies and wait for it – raspberry pasteis de nata (drool) – for a range of high-end stores. I picked the one topped with blueberries. And with a deliciously creamy custard filling and incredibly crisp pastry cup, it was absolute heaven in the mouth.

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

If custard tarts aren’t your thing, they also do a range of red velvet cookies and Guinness cake (also from Galeta), plus various marmalade cakes, Millionaires shortbread, cookies and all sorts of other goodies – many of which they get freshly baked from the Conscientious Cook. In short, F.Mondays are certainly in the know when it comes to London’s best bakeries.

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

Ambience-wise, it’s quite a funny place first thing on a Monday morning – at least when I visited – as it certainly attracts the laptop crowd (myself included) who bed in to tap furiously on their computers and take work calls.

But what also struck me is it’s also a fantastic hub of the community. Because mums with babies, local community groups and parents with kids and commuters, all buzzed in and out for their cup of joe.

Every single person had a nice chat with the ladies who run this place and the  lovely and friendly vibe you get here at F.Mondays couldn’t be any further if it tried, from the personality-lacking coffee chain stores I all too frequently go to.

F.Mondays Brixton Hill

I had to giggle when a dad told one of the owners that his little boy wanted to know what F.Mondays meant.

‘Well, it means er….. FABULOUS Mondays… Or, well anything you want it to mean really,’ she laughed nervously.

Whatever you want to say to Monday – whether it’s f*** Mondays or FABULOUS Mondays, I’m sure the good coffee, great pastries and brilliant vibe at F.Mondays will bring a smile to your face.

Until next time, have a good Monday! x

112 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1AH


Find them on twitter, Facebook and instagram.


Have you been to F.Mondays? What did you think? And do you have any good recommendations for places to get a fantastic Portuguese pasteis de nata? Leave a comment, I want to know!


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