8 of the World’s most amazing places to sleep

The Airbnb competition offering winners the chance to spend the night in a cable car in Courchevel recently got me thinking about the most amazing places to sleep in the world.

Like many people who’ve travelled, I’ve had my fair share of absolutely fantastic and downright awful places to catch some z’s. Yet I haven’t even scratched the surface of the many breathtakingly unique locations you can put your head down.

For that reason, here’s my personal list of 8 amazing places to sleep. Some of them I have experienced (DONE) and some of them are on my lust list (DREAM). Let’s hope one day they do become a dream come true…

Check out the stars for my recommended honeymoon destinations. And let me know your dream places to sleep in the comment section below.

golden-starDREAM: Jade Mountain, St Lucia

I adore St Lucia. It’s the island where I got engaged and so is very special to me. But it’s also the land of epic landscapes, with the giant volcanic peaks – aka The Pitons – being the most magnificent draw.

This hotel not only has front row seats to those Pitons but it also makes you feel like you’re practically touching them from your bed, because here my friends, your hotel room has THREE walls, not four. So, as you zuzz underneath your mosquito net-covered bed, you can peek out at these natural phenomena without any obstacles. How’s that for an amazing view to wake up to?

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

DONE: Four Seasons, Sydney

I was lucky enough to stay in the Four Seasons a few years ago as part of a review I was writing for Belle About Town. And oh my word, aside from the plush marble bathrooms, beautiful interiors and excellent room service, this is definitely one of the most amazing places to sleep in the world.

The Four Seasons has attracted so much attention for its gigantic, soft beds, it even has an infographic dedicated to why you’re guaranteed a restful night’s sleep in their hotels (check it out here). If you book into one of their Full Harbour View Suites, you also have wrap-around windows unveiling panoramic views of The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and beyond.

You’re also so high up, you could go to sleep with the curtains open – if you’re that way inclined – and just gaze out to this beautiful city until you eventually drift off.


Amazing places to sleep: Four Seasons Sydney

DONE: Le Parker Meridien, NYC

Le Parker Meridien is certainly a room with a view. And if like me, you’re obsessed with New York, this is one of the prime locations to see one of the city’s most impressive spots – Central Park.

I stayed here several years ago and it was a brilliant place from which to explore the city.

But when you also have modern interiors and a window which provides phenomenal views over the park, this is definitely one of the most exciting places to get a good night’s sleep.

Amazing places to sleep: Le Parker Meridien, New York

golden-starDREAM: Chalkley’s Tree House, Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

Number one, Lion Sands is one of the most luxurious places to sleep while you’re on your safari travels. Number two, book the Chalkley’s Treehouse and you have one helluva unique way to sleep in the African bush.

Once a place where people scampered up to escape dangerous predators, this ancient Leadwood Tree is now home to a plush four-poster bed – your viewing platform to the stars. It’s uber luxurious and is highly popular with honeymooners looking for romance. Cue twinkly lights and champagne under the stars. Oh and a soundtrack to rival a David Attenborough documentary. Yep, I’m sold.

Amazing places to sleep: Chalkley Treehouse Lion Sands

DONE: Sea villa, Pangkor Laut

Imagine drifting off to nothing but the sounds of swishing waves and the occasional soundtrack of the jungle. This is exactly what you can do when you stay in a sea villa at the exclusive resort of Pangkor Laut in Malaysia.

I will never forget my stay here. It was just everything you look for in a paradise getaway: A castaway-like beach, enchanting wildlife (think Monitor Lizards and long-tailed Macaque monkeys, with exceptional Malaysian hospitality and oodles of luxury thrown in.

Pangkor Laut is a private island resort so you can guarantee serenity, unspoilt centuries-old rainforest and a blissful no-worries feel.

Turn down service here means aromatherapy oils and inspirational poems and your own private deck means you can wake up and be looking out to beautiful views of the Straits of Malacca.


golden-starDREAM: Underwater hotel, the Poseidon resort

This underwater hotel located on a private island in Fiji, certainly has the unique factor. That’s because it’s the only hotel where you can stay on the ocean floor while enjoying full submarine views.

Watching fish has an undeniable calming influence. So imagine being surrounded by some of the most beautiful tropical marine life 24/7 in their natural coral reef habitat. And when you are awake, well, I imagine this is one of the most mesmerising places to switch off and unwind.

Poseidon Resorts

DONE: Sleeping bag under the stars in Joshua Tree National Park
This is the least ‘glamorous’ of them all but without a doubt, the most captivating. I was doing an organised tour around California during my university years, camping in various national parks along the way. While most of our stops involved putting up, and sleeping, in a tent, when we arrived at the famous Joshua Tree National Park, our tour leader surprised us with some news. There would be no tents involved that night. We would be kipping in our sleeping bags, ‘al fresco’ on the desert floor.

There are three things I remember about that night. The first, the mouse that ran over my sleeping bag (and caused me to scream my head off, much to the amusement of my fellow travellers). The second, was the trip to the loo – a concrete block which we had to navigate in the dark with our torches and was filled with so many insects it was like a scene from Indiana Jones. And the third, was the most amazing stargazing we did as we lay in our sleeping bags with nothing else around us for miles.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Amazing places to sleep: Joshua Tree National Park

Joanna Poe via Flickr/Creative Commons

DREAM: The Rotating Bed at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Ok so I might not make it to the Burj Al Arab any time soon. And this venue, dubbed ‘The Billion Pound Hotel’, certainly divides opinion between dreamy and dreadful. But this ‘seven-star’ abode in Dubai has to make it on the lust list for novelty factor. Doesn’t it?

Book into one of the Royal Suites of this luxurious abode and not only do you enjoy prime location – the 25th Double Floor – private cinema and lift, and 2,559 square feet of space all to yourself, you can also experience their signature revolving bed.

This hotel is swathed in luxe red embroidered fabrics and gold drips from just about every corner of the hotel. So the rotating bed is just the icing on the cake when it comes to highly unique places to rest your royal head. Plus, you’ve got to aim high, right?

Check out more details on the Grand Luxury Hotels website here.

Amazing places to sleep: Burj Al Arab Dubai

What’s the most unique place in the world that you’ve slept? Leave your stories below!

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  1. 10th March 2015 / 10:59 pm

    Wow, these look amazing and you’re so lucky to have stayed in some of them. I’m not sure I’ve ever stayed anywhere like this (although I did enter the airbnb contest to try!).

    • 10th March 2015 / 11:43 pm

      Thanks Lisa. Yes I do feel so lucky to have had such great travel experiences. I’d be curious to know who won the Airbnb competition. Definitely worth writing about, I’m sure!