Cereal Killer Cafe: Getting Nostalgic over Breakfast

My earliest memory of getting excited about cereal was aged around six, when I insisted on keeping my ear to my bowl of crackling Rice Krispies. My mum meanwhile, was telling me to hurry up and eat them otherwise I’d be late for school.

Thankfully, Rice Krispies no longer have the power to mesmerise me. And my preferred cereal of choice has changed somewhat (from Cocopops, Rice Krispies and Sugar Puffs to Special K if you’re wondering). But my insistence of eating it every single morning (and occasionally evenings) has not.

So while I wanted to put the Cereal Killer Cafe down to another hipster fad that was ruining the joy of eating cereal in front of the TV in your PJs, curiosity got the better of me. Off to Brick Lane I went.

Cereal Killer Cafe London

For those who haven’t been, this is a teeny little shop with rows of the kind of ‘retro’ cereal I’ve been talking about. There’s everything you can think of. Toffee Crisp, Nesquik, Chokella. Even some I’ve never heard of, so never had the pleasure of nagging my mum to buy…

Remember Start? It was always in those mini multi-packs my grandparents would get on ‘special occasions’, but it was generally the grown-up’s who’d eat this more sophisticated breakfast cereal while we delved into our Frosties.

Cereal Killer Cafe London

Whatever sugar-filled cereal you can think of, the Cereal Killer Cafe’s got it.

Cinnamon Grahams brings back bad memories of when I went on French Exchange and the family made me get up at 6am to eat these faux cinammon-flavoured pieces of cardboard when I’d rather be in bed…

Cereal Killer Cafe London

Once you’ve shaken yourself out of your nostalgic daydream, it’s time to order. It’s not as simple and mundane as choosing a cereal and away you go. Thankfully, Cereal Killer Cafe have jazzed it up a bit with a vast board of mixed Cereal options, with quirky names like ‘Trife Up Your Life’, ‘Bananarama’ and ‘Orange You Glad You Didn’t’.

You also get all sorts of milk to choose from (chocolate, almond etc) and you can pick from different toppings like nuts and sweets. You know those hippo sweets you get? You can even pop one of those on top of your cornflakes for maximum sugar rush effect.

Cereal Killer Cafe London

I went for the Feckin Nut Case with almond milk, waited for them to mix it up and then headed to the basement where I munched on my cereal surrounded by table lights made from Care Bear bowls. I gazed at Frosties skateboards, Nintendo posters and all the 70s and 80s cereal memorabilia you can think of… and two or three old fashioned TVs. Blast from the past or what.

Cereal Killer Cafe London

Cereal Killer Cafe London

Cereal Killer Cafe London

Serial Killer artwork made from Cereal Killer cereal.



I had a few realisations from going to Cereal Killer Cafe. 1. I’d forgotten how good it tastes when you mix more than one cereal together. 2. I will NEVER put sweets on top of my cereal. 3. I much prefer eating cereal curled up on the sofa in my jammies. 4. Despite points 1, 2 and 3, I’m pretty envious of the guys behind Cereal Killer Cafe for coming up with such a simple but damn cool concept. 5. Despite points 1, 2, 3 and 4, I might keep this place my occasional ‘secret’ and pop in when I fancy being six again and listening to my Rice Krispies.

Until next time x

Cereal Killer Cafe, 139 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, E1 6SB



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  1. 11th February 2015 / 10:52 pm

    Great post! I’ve heard so many good things about this place I can’t wait to try it!