Rooftop Yoga with Serene Social

Yogis are always looking for new and inspiring places to practice. And last year saw the rise of rooftop yoga – a trend that has literally, gone sky high over the last 12 months.

This health trend to take your yoga to the top of a building may sound like a fad, but when I discovered SERENE Social – a new wellness and international networking community that has recently hit London, (*of which I will talk more about later) I began to understand the therapeutic benefits you can get from practicing your salutations several storeys above the ground.

After a successful run of rooftop sessions last summer, Serene Social is currently running their SWEAT LODGE classes on the roof of the very lovely restaurant Coq d’Argent in Bank.

While in the warmer months, their rooftop classes are held in the restaurant’s beautiful, open gardens…

Serene Social Coq d'Argent

During the chillier months, you’ll find yourself in this gorgeous little winter wonderland created on the balcony of the restaurant.

Sweat Lodge Serene socialLiforme mats laid out and ready to go, we took part in a one hour Vinyasa yoga class. As you may know, Vinyasa yoga has a quicker pace than other yoga styles and focuses on endurance and balance, so it can be quite good for getting the heart rate going. Plus, we had some lovely heaters overhead to keep off the winter chill, so after 20 minutes or so in, you can start to feel rather toasty.

Serene Social rooftop yoga

Our class was run by Karin Lilleberg, lead teacher of the SERENE London Sweat Lodge classes who has an incredibly calm and almost meditative approach to her classes. With a strong focus on breathing and practicing to your own personal ability, this is a good class to attend, whether you’re a novice or a pro. Karin is a very inspiring lady – read more about her on the SERENE website, here.

We were also joined by the very lovely Leslie Saglio, SERENE’s London Lead who is an Energy 4 Life© Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher. I got to know Leslie when I helped her create her website and if you’re bring positive change into your lifestyle, she has some really interesting philosophies.

Leslie Saglio & Karen Lilleberg

Going back to the concept of SERENE Social, this is a movement that Leslie brought over from the States after meeting SERENE founders Erin Ralph and Millana Snow in New York.

It’s basically a community spread across London, LA and New York which women to attend all sorts of dinners, annual retreats and wellness experiences all around the world. And instead of rushing in and out like you might any other fitness class, SERENE aims to help you make purposeful connections with the people around you.

Serene Social

With this philosophy in mind, after a VERY relaxing warm-down (complete with cosy blankets), the Sweat Lodge yoga class follows by a nice hard-earned après-yoga breakfast of coffee, fruit, and croissants.

This gave us a really nice opportunity to chat to the other ladies in the class, swap business cards and generally take some time out from our otherwise busy lives.

Serene Social

Me (left) with Leslie, Karin and the other ladies in the yoga class

And in answer to the question, does it make a difference whether you do your yoga class at ground level or several storeys up? In theory, if you put your mind to it, you can focus your mind anywhere. But being able to practice high up over the rooftops of Bank in this enchanting little haven, well, that was really quite special.

Until next time x


Thanks to SERENE Social for inviting me to try their Sweat Lodge class at Lodge d’Argent, (Coq d’Argent restaurant), No 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ. For up to date info on all the SERENE Social events and to register, go to