10 Reasons why I do (and don’t) want to sleep in the Airbnb Cable Car

You probably saw the bizarre listing by Airbnb yesterday offering a stay in a cable car, suspended 2,700 metres off the ground in Courchevel.

Crazy, weird, terrifying – whatever your thoughts, it just highlights how forward-thinking and adventurous this accommodation sharing website can be.

Airbnb launched their opportunity to sleep in the Saulire cable car in the French Alps as part of a competition for one lucky reader. It’s part of their ‘A Night At’ initiative and follows a series of exciting and unusual places to stay. So far they’ve sent people to the Land of Nod in the Gallery Lafayette in Paris, an aeroplane in Amsterdam, an IKEA shop in Oz and a Waterstones book shop in the UK (hang on, didn’t that guy get locked in?!).

After reaching the ski run summit of the famous French ski resort by snowmobile, the winning guests are served warming mulled wine and a traditional Savoyard dinner of cheese and pork fondue. They then get to enter their suspended hideaway and sleep under the stars overlooking the winter wonderland of the Combe de Saulire.

Airbnb French alps cable car

Photo: StudioParis/Vercruysse

Avid skiers can then wake up and be the first to hit the pristine powder before anyone else.

The cable car comes complete with a big comfy bed and living room but it got me thinking, would everyone be willing to sleep in a cable car suspended thousands of feet off the ground? I wasn’t sure. In some ways I would. In other ways, I really wouldn’t.

Here are 10 reasons for and against me entering the competition for this unusual sleeping experience.

1. WOULD: Those views – Enough said really. You have snow-capped rolling mountains all around you. Being this high up, the views are so unspoilt, I can’t imagine many hotel rooms can rival this place.

Airbnb Courcheval

2. WOULD: The height – amazing bucket list material isn’t it. That’s one to tick off your travel must-dos – and probably one none of your friends have done.

3. WOULDN’T: The height – While the height is part of what makes this such a unique experience and is part of the draw (see previous point), I’m actually scared of heights so I’d be constantly wavering between lust for the panoramic vistas and absolute vertiginous shake-in-your-boots fear.

Airbnb Coucheval

Photo: StudioParis/Vercruysse

4. WOULD: The peace – The sounds that drift in around my consciousness while I’m trying to catch some z’s in my apartment in Brixton go something like this: traffic, car horns, ambulance siren, police siren, drunk person, silence, traffic, sirens, rubbish collectors, awake. The sounds I imagine would drift around in my head while I sleep on the Saulire gondola = the odd cry of a chamois, maybe a bird squawk but mostly peace. Blissful peace.

Airbnb Courcheval

Photo: StudioParis/Vercruysse

5. WOULDN’T: Where’s the loo and shower? And is there central heating?

6. WOULD: Zen. I imagine this would be one of the most inspiring places to gain perspective on life. And write. It’s usually when you’re free of distractions and at one with nature or natural beauty that I find I’m at my most creative and reflective.

7. WOULD: Digital Detox. I am dying to do a digital detox. I imagine there’s not much mobile phone signal up in a Saulire gondola (or if there is you’ll be instagramming like crazy) so this could be the best place to switch off and zone out. Even meditate.

8. WOULD: Romance. Following the last two points, with no distractive mobile phones, no feelings of guilt that you must do the washing / answer the phone / type that last work email, it’s the perfect opportunity to give full attention to your other half with no distractions. And with *that* view, cue most romantic getaway ever.

Airbnb Courcheval

Photo: StudioParis/Vercruysse

9. WOULDN’T: Fear. Besides the fact I’d be suspended 2,700 metres in the air causing me to freak from the height, I’m one of those safety freaks who finds danger in everything. So I’d think up some kind of snow-storm threat or imagine that a hawk was going to fly into the window causing us to fall out or that the cable would somehow snap and we’d fall from the sky. Eek.

10. WOULD: It’s so cosy. With furry rugs and slippers, snowflakes on the ceiling and Scandi-style interiors, it’s not 5-star luxury but it’s really quite a cute place to sip on wine and curl up for the night.

Airbnb Courcheval

Photo: StudioParis/Vercruysse

Fancy it?

To enter the competition to stay in the Saulire cable car, head over to the Courchevel listing on Airbnb before 25 February at 23.59pm and tell the host why you’d like to spend the night there. It’s open to families or groups with a maximum of four people allowed. Head over to www.airbnb.co.uk for more info.

Would you like to stay in the Saulire cable car? Leave a comment, I’d be interested to know.

Until next time x

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