Travel in Style: The YU Lounge, St Kitts

St Kitts is hot on the heels of other Caribbean islands in offering a taste of the high life. And as we touched down into Robert L.Bradshaw International airport last week, I experienced what you might call landing in style.

As soon as my feet hit the tarmac, we were welcomed by an airport representative and chauffeured away from the aircraft, around the territory of private jets and a few hundred yards away to the YU Lounge.

St Kitts Oh So london

Within seconds, like magic, we were in a sweet-smelling sophisticated lounge and being handed cooling towels. We were then hearing the pop of a cork and being poured a chilled glass of Veuve Clicquot.

How’s that for an entrance into the Caribbean?

OSL travel Oh So London St Kitts

The YU Lounge as you may have guessed, is a private airport terminal which bypasses the mundane processes we usually have to go through while we depart from and arrive into a country.

There’s no queueing at immigration. No waiting at the carousel for your bags. Instead, the ops team find your bags for you and deal with the immigration and customs formalities. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a light snack, read a magazine, surf the internet and simply enjoy the calm ambience that you just don’t get in airport arrivals.

It’s a service designed for the most discerning of travellers, including private jet passengers and their pilots, as well as those who are perhaps celebrating a special occasion, or simply like to travel in style.

The services you can take advantage of range from meeting rooms and secretarial services for the business traveller, to fine cuisine on arrival or departure (and not forgetting that Veuve Clicquot), plus you can pre-book your Duty Free purchases for your departure and use shower facilities at any time.

When you fly out of St Kitts, there’s no waiting for the call at the departure gate. You can enjoy the refreshments and facilities right up to the last minute before you need to board your flight. While you’re kicking back in style, the team will check in your bags for you and deal with the security procedure and customs forms.

St Kitts Yu Lounge

You still of course have to comply with the security procedures (a set quantity of liquids, one piece of hand luggage) and you go through the airport body scanners as usual.

But the time it takes for that is minimal because it’s all within the lounge area. So you can even sit outside on the loungers and get your last few minutes of sunshine while you wait for the Yu Lounge staff to alert you to board.

They will then chauffeur you metres away from the aircraft which really does add a touch of luxe to your travel, especially when you are travelling long haul.

Here are some photos of the very stylish interiors, exteriors and services, courtesy of the team at the Yu Lounge.

Take a peek:

Yu Lounge interior Oh So London

Yu Lounge St Kitts

Yu Lounge interior Oh So London

Yu Lounge St Kitts

Yu Lounge St Kitts

Yu Lounge St Kitts

Yu Lounge exterior Oh So London

Yu Lounge cuisine St Kitts Oh So London

Yu Lounge exterior St Kitts Oh So london

How’s that for a warm Kittitian welcome? While I must admit, I do love the hustle and bustle of a busy airport terminal, I’ll sacrifice the queuing and waiting for this at the drop of a hat. I could get used to this…

Until next time x

There are currently Yu Lounges in both St Kitts and Mauritius. You can find more information and find out about their rates at and